Horoscope & Travel Signs – Featuring Cancer.

Ardent lovers of culture, food, shopping and waters, Cancerians make for a very curious traveller. They’ll leave no stone unturned to get the best out of a trip. Their only pit stops on a trip are beaches, pools and, preferably, hammocks by an ocean side.


While there’s a whole lot for them on the travel circuit including Hawaii, Bali, Kiribati and more, ixigo got a gem for them. Right across the window (not literally now). Yes, we are talking about Goa.


If it’s one thing that all the people having Cancer for their sun sign love, it’s water. Some dive in, some go water skiing, while some just sit around, glad to be near the blue expanse. Agonda, Candolim or the Butterfly Beach, it’s water water everywhere.

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Knowing the solitude seekers that Cancerians are, Goa tourism might sound like a bit of oxymoron. But some snooping around can take you away from the din to the rustle of fallen leaves and roaring waterfalls. Yes, the very enchanting Dudhsagar waterfalls.



Just gorging over food doesn’t make you a foodie. Meet a Cancerian and you’ll know why, for these guys travel around for the sake of food, loading their platters with small portions of traditional food. With feni giving some good company, there’s no dearth of options for them at Goa.


Cancerians’ water ride isn’t complete until they have dived deep into a place’s culture. With a concoction of music, dance, tribals, who love flaunting marigolds in their hair, and, of course, football, the saviour again is Goa.


Did you see that couple walking with their heads held high? No matter their backs are more than just stooping under the weight of shopping bags! In all probability, one of them is a Cancerian. Or maybe, both. If you ask us a place to send them off at Goa, it’s got to be the night markets of Anjuna, Arpora, Candolim and the host of other flea markets. They might have to haul all the booty in a truck, for it’s a shoppers’ paradise.

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While we put our heads together to plan a perfect holiday for the fiery Leos, the next ones in line, don’t forget to tell us how your trip to Goa goes.


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