Horoscope & Travel Signs – Featuring Taurus!

After heaving up the solitary trek, you are startled by a strange sight. Up, on the hilltop, sits a posh tent, with a happy fire burning beside. As the smell of cheese and hot chocolate assails you in this remote corner of the world, there comes riding on the wind, a guitarist’s whim. Well, my friend, you have surely run into a Taurus traveller, who explores culture, food, meadows, hills and more, but with all the comforts around for company.


Here’s ixigo’s hottest travel picks for the Bull. There’sKovalam, Jodhpur and The Netherlands, especially Holland, all wishing them a Wanderful Birthday!



The winds of mirth never change their course at Holland. For the giant windmills at Zaanse Schans Museum have rarely stopped.


by Albert de Bruijn



The landscape here often bursts into colours, with tulips swaying for as far as you can see. Experience the colours having a rendezvous with the stark blue sky as you paddle on.


by CJ Anderson



A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Beemster Polder shows you how to tread the fine line between contemporary and the old world. Ancient farmhouses, like this, will have you spellbound.


by Radio Nederland Wereldomroep



Like Siamese twins, you can’t separate pancakes and The Netherlands. And then, there’s The Pancake Bakery for the most sumptuous affair you’ll ever had.


f by Olivier Bruchez



An evening sans music – that’s not how Holland is. More so, with Concertgebouw just around the corner. This is where you’ll fall in love with music.


by free range jace


Up next is a surprise for the Gemini gems.


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