Hotel Formule 1: A Place Where You Can Be On Your Own

Travelling around? Looking for a place to crash the night? Probably wondering where you can find an overnight nest for yourself? Dial F1 for a retreat. Hotel Formule1, a concept by ACCOR Hotels, is the place you can look forward to for an amazing stay experience. Currently present in seven cities like Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Nashik, Chennai and Ahmedabad, Hotel Formule 1 is ushering its guests with utmost service and hospitality.

Here’s why Formule1 is the best pick for you:

 A Rest-Assured Stay

While travelling, one of the biggest apprehensions is a comfortable stay. The accommodation is a crucial factor on how amazing your vacation is going to be. Choosing a hotel can be a daunting task, but becomes a cakewalk once you know you can be your comfortable best. A hotel so good that it makes you feel rest assured. Switch your comfort mode on with amazing offers of Hotel Formule 1.

Switch Your Comfort Mode ON!


Formule 1 Gurgaon

A hotel for every Travel Avatar

It doesn’t matter if you are travelling on business, heading for a family vacation, wandering solo, or travelling with a friend; the hotel easily caters to one and all! What’s more interesting to know is the fact that the rooms here are designed to suit all kinds of guests. Get a queen-sized bed, a separate bunk for the kid, or individual beds. Here at Hotel Formule1, the guests get to stay as per their preferences.  

Formule 1 Gurgaon

Formule 1 Gurgaon

‘Rest Assured’ with the sustainable eco-designed rooms

It is impressive how the rooms have been cleverly and stylishly designed utilising the space and light. The designs are sustainable leaving a low carbon footprint so that you don’t feel guilty being a burden on the environment. A snuggly sleepover and refreshing shower is a promise. And, the rooms are soundproof too! Get amazing hot deals NOW!

Formule 1 Gurgaon

Formule 1 Gurgaon

BYOB- Be Your Own Boss

Admit it! There are times when the room service can be a little annoying, bothering you for petty things. Or how edgy you get waiting for the supper to arrive at your door. Not anymore. BYOB at Hotel Formule1 is where you don’t need a #DONOTDISTURB door sign. Need something? Head straight to the reception and get your needs granted right away. Such convenience, much wow!


Formule 1 Gurgaon

Kill the midnight hunger pangs with 24/7 vending machine

Is your stomach growling in the middle of the night? But it is way past the room service timings. No issues. Kill those hunger pangs with midnight snacking from their 24/7 vending machine so that you don’t have to go to bed hungry. Their cafeteria is a lively space where you can interact with fellow travellers, thanks to the graffitis that make your surroundings aesthetically pleasing. And there is FREE Wi-Fi too. Need we say more?


Formule 1 Gurgaon


A hotel with all the ticks on the checklist is hard to find, but not impossible. Hotel Formule1 is one such hotel that provides its guests with all the comfort and amenities and
indeed has a formula for being India’s first ‘Self Service Rest Assured’ hotel. Feel absolutely like home, will you?

Images Source: From the official website of Hotel Formule 1