Hottest Destinations for April

Ahh… yes, it’s great weather outside. The tree leaves are all set to turn ripe in a few weeks; as soon as the last of last years’ is shed. It’s not too hot or too cold to make you sit indoors and fidget and brood, for it’s April! Rejoice the better side of nature by heading outside, and what better reason to travel than the many festivals and events happening in April. Take your pick, there is plenty to choose from.


Go out, for you very much want to see those leaves blossoming for the first time.
Don’t you? 


Indian Premier League, Dubai

Photo Courtesy – Robert Young

Oh yes, IPL comes right at the top, further revving up the travel quotient of Dubai. The glittery gold souks, desert safaris, some of the most urbane shopping destinations and world cuisine, Dubai has it all. So, while Dubai turns host for a majority of matches for the first leg of IPL 2014, you should not let go of this chance to experience the best of things to do at Dubai and more.


IPL 2014 starts April 16, 2014.


Tulip Festival, Srinagar

Photo Courtesy – GoToVan

Srinagar is gorgeous enough to make you overlook any reasons to tour it. Still, I have one more to add to the list – Tulip Festival 2014. A two week extravaganza, this festival will see the opening of Tulip Gardens at Srinagar. Book your tickets or get an easy, tailored package for Srinagar right here to join in this riot of colours, fun and gaiety.


Tulip Festival at Srinagar starts March 29, 2014.


New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, New Orleans

Photo Courtesy – Official Website

This one needs quick action! Really quick action, for the tickets are getting sold out like hot cakes (much faster actually!). Fly to New Orleans if you, too, are in love with the word “jazz”, for there are biggies swooping down for this fest. Take note, you will have Bruce Springsteen, Irma Thomas, Christina Aguilera, Solange, Alejandro Escovedo and more of your favourites to give you company here.


New Orleans Jazz and Music Fest starts April 25,2014 and ends May 04, 2014


Queen’s  Kings’ Day, Holland

Photo Courtesy – Holland Tourism

When Queen’s Day was recently rechristened as King’s Day, the level of excitement for the celebrations has upped. So, while everyone at Holland turns orange or oranger, join in the fun and revelries in the many bylanes. The happy parades and boating rounds often leave one with a hangover the next morning! So, be cautious as you go orange. Happy Queen’s… err.. King’s Day. Happy Holland. 


The King’s Day starts April 27 (and sadly ends the same day, because it’s a “day”).


So, while I scoot off to get you another list of reasons to travel in May, you can start packing. If you find some other event, festival or any reason to make you go out and travel in April, do leave a comment below. 


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