How to Book Window Seat in Flight?

Getting a window seat on a flight enhances a passenger’s travel experience. It is mainly preferred by those flyers who love to enjoy the clouds and the picturesque views from the top or by someone who doesn’t get up frequently during the flight. It is also favoured by flyers who just want to curl up in the corner of the window seat and enjoy a good, peaceful nap. One can book an airplane window seat in several ways, depending on the airline or the booking platform.

Below are some of the steps you can follow to book a window seat on a plane:

Book your flight early

The first answer to “how to book window seat in flight” is to book a flight ticket early. Booking a flight early automatically increases your chances of getting a window seat or airplane aisle seat. Some airlines do allow passengers to select their seats at the time of booking. However, it is not guaranteed, as some airlines hold back certain seats for passengers with specific needs or operational reasons. You may also want to consider booking your flight on an airline allowing passengers to select their seats for free rather than paying an additional fee for a window seat or aisle seat in plane.

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Use web check-in

The best solution to the question of “how to book window seat in flight ” is to opt for web check-in. Web check-in is a convenient way to save time and avoid huge crowds at the airport. Most airlines allow passengers to check in for their flight online through their official website or mobile app. Even though web check-in has made our lives easier, some still don’t know how to figure out when the web check-in option opens and what details they need to submit. The fact that each airline’s rules are different makes the process more taxing for flyers.

However, the web check-in process has gotten easier and smarter with ixigo, the best travel website and travel app. The ixigo Smart Web Check-In feature allows a flyer to travel worry-free. Its automated algorithm lets the user sit back while it takes care of everything else with just one tap.

Here are the benefits of ixigo Smart Web Check-In:

a) It allows a passenger to schedule the web check-in.
b) It completes the formalities in advance.
c) One can receive the flight ticket (boarding pass) on WhatsApp.
d) There is no need to print a boarding pass.
e) One can switch back to manual web check-in whenever they want.

Pay for a seat

Paying for a seat on a flight is one of the most common practices in the airline industry. Most airlines offer passengers the option to select a specific seat or upgrade their seat to a higher class of service for an additional fee. The cost of a seat varies depending on several factors, including the airline, the class of service, the route, the time of day, and how far in advance the seat was booked by the flyer. Some airlines also offer discounted rates for advanced seat selection, while other airlines charge more for an airplane window seat, an airplane aisle seat, seats with extra legroom, or other amenities.

To pay for a window seat on a plane, one can typically do so during the booking process. One can pay while purchasing the ticket online, over the phone, or in person at the airport. Many airlines also allow flyers to select or change their seat assignments online or through their mobile app.

Also, there are several important things one should remember to ensure a smooth and stress-free travel experience. Still, wondering what are we talking about? Here are the things to do before boarding a flight!

Arrive early at the airport

Arriving early at an airport gives a flyer a better chance of getting a window seat, but it is not a guaranteed way to secure one. The availability of seats depends on several factors, including the airline’s seat assignment policy, the type of aircraft, and the number of passengers on the flight.

For example, if a passenger is flying on a popular route or during peak travel season, all good seats, including window seats, may have already been assigned or taken by the time one check in. Additionally, some airlines charge extra fees for seats, including window or aisle seats, so even if one arrives early, one may still need to pay an additional fee to secure a window seat.

The best solution to the question of “how to get a window seat in flight” is to check in online via ixigo as early as possible, ideally 24 hours before a flight.

Use a seat map

Many airlines provide a seat map that allows one to see the available seats and choose a seat online. One can use the map to select a window seat if one is available. Some airlines may also require a passenger to pay an extra fee for a window seat, so be sure to check the price before selecting a preferred seat.

Join a frequent flyer program

Many airlines offer preferential seating to members of their frequent flyer programs. This can include access to window seats, even if they are not available to other passengers. So if a passenger travels frequently, it may be worth joining a program to take advantage of this benefit.

In conclusion, there are several answers to the question of “how to book window seat in flight.” Once you are on board, kindly take a deep breath and relax. Enjoy the flight and your destination. The key is to plan ahead, check in early via ixigo, and be prepared to pay an extra fee if necessary. For flyers with specific seat requests, be sure to ask the airline if they can accommodate them. By following these above options, one can surely increase the chances of getting a window seat or aisle seat in plane and enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable flight.