How to pass the “2 States” Exam?

When in Chennai – A Delhiite’s Cheat Sheet to cracking the 2 States Divide


Consider yourself to be in good luck if you were just struck by cupid sporting linen! If you identified with the 2 States trailer, we’re sure this will come of good use when you are trying to woo the parents and family of your significant other! Some tips:


1. The Clothing

No, the dhoti is not a mandate. Save us from your grand fall, please wear a pant instead.


No, Dhoti is not a mandate.


2. The Namaskaram


Unlike the North Indian version of touching feet, you crouch on the floor and touch your elder’s feet. They won’t stop you mid way and hug you, they will put both their hands on your head and bless you. There isn’t a youtube video for this one, ask your significant other for help!


3. The Food!


Move over ye perceivers of Tamil Nadu as the land of Idli- Dosa. We have Sapad, Ven Pongal, Bissibilla Baath, Sambar Sadam, Variety Rice, Molaga Bhajji. Your palette is in for a roller coaster.


unnamedIf you still miss your Chole Bhature and Chaat, head to Mint Road. You’re welcome.


4.The Traditions


This one is very important. Ladies, take note:


2360e9592b14bf7c9d03fdc4263af0fd2ec1e6f990d89a3248c11e3d214f0611They will always try to quote exorbitant amounts, this one might help:


4dd4d637f800e2f3f81cf50c2f33da410f38da3159b4b4ca4dc951c1c1aca446This, friends, is a sin. Never, ever, ever:


008f1d533b9ee714854ff4c6c3c8a1b3a110b71df2c81a0c2a9af0e989052345And last, but not the least, words of wisdom, from the duck.




Call the parents Mama/Mami. Don’t ask for non vegetarian food in Brahmin household. Take along some sweets, biscuits or fruits when you go visiting. Don’t go in the afternoon, visit them before lunch or around tea time.

And yes, please leave the atrocious Hermes and Louis Vuitton home. Thank you.





When in Delhi – A Tamilian’s Cheat Sheet to Pass the 2 States Exam


Okay, so by some stroke of luck, you have fallen for somebody from Delhi. A typical 2 States condition. If, by some chance, you have succeeded in wooing him/her, next would be the much dreaded “meet the family” time. But all that you could think of is some scenes/lines from 2 States. Well, here’s some advice if you have been struck by cupid’s arrow from the capital.


More of a survival tip and against the adage that always says “hot, hotter and hottest” for weather down South, Delhi has brutal winters; so brutal that even Delhites hate it.

It’s cool and much more than just okay if you do not know Hindi. It’s as much a new language to you as Tamil is for anyone brought up in North India. If not Tamil, most of the folks in Delhi understand English. Unusual and infrequent mayhem might happen. Sit back and enjoy those few instances.


Do anything but not this! Use your hands, and eat to your heart’s content. It’s not a North South divide, but more of a way of living. Simply put, some people are jugglers with knives and forks while other aren’t. C’mon eat away. Some of your future in-laws will join in with much glee.

Picture this – You are waiting outside the ATM room for your turn when the man from inside turns back and is about to leave. You make the move to enter but that heavy glass door comes swinging at you and you understand what the phrase “seeing stars in daylight” meant! When in Delhi, brace yourself for such atrocities. Anyone holding open a door for others is a rarity here. But no offence meant. Not usually.


Just to bust a myth, not the whole of Delhi survives on parathas. If you have landed here dreading the parathaistic food scene, fret not. Delhi swarms with a number of awesome food joints that are all about the gorgeous food from Tamil Nadu. Idiyappam anyone?

If it’s some solace to you, know that even Delhi has a good number of auto drivers who wouldn’t use a meter to calculate fare! So, use the same phrase. Perhaps in English or Hindi this time.


The only do not in the list is for your shoes. A common custom down South India makes people leave their shoes outside the doors. Our advice to you is not to bother yourself with that while in Delhi. First, nobody cares. Second, you might invite some unusually weird stares.