How to Reach Kumbh Mela Without Spending Much

Known to be the world’s largest peaceful congregation, ‘Kumbh 2019’ is currently being held in Prayagraj. It started from 14th January and will conclude on 5th March. Situated in North India, Prayagraj is an important spiritual, religious, educational and administrative centre.

Prayagraj is well-connected to all the major cities of India via Airways, Railways, and Roadways.


Prayagraj airport is located in Bamrauli at a distance of 12 km from the city. It is connected to the major cities like Delhi, Lucknow, Patna, Indore and Nagpur.

As the city of Prayagraj is witnessing a huge influx of tourists due to Kumbh Mela, fares for a direct flight to Prayagraj can be on the higher side. To save money, travellers can alternatively book flights for nearby destinations like Kanpur, Varanasi or Lucknow and cover the rest of the distance till Kumbh Mela by public transport.

Approximate Flight Fares 

Delhi to Kanpur — Rs.2000 to Rs.2500
Delhi to Varanasi — Rs.2200 to Rs.2500
Delhi to Lucknow — Rs.1500 to Rs.1800

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Easy availability of trains and buses from these cities makes the commute to Prayagraj comfortable and affordable.

Approximate Bus Fares

Kanpur to Prayagraj — Rs.170 to Rs.350
Varanasi to Prayagraj — Rs.170

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Also, train and cabs are easily available for the commute.


Trains that run between Kanpur and Prayagraj are BDTS GCT Express, Shiv Ganga Exp, Anvt Gct S F Exp and Jharkhand Express. Sleeper Class fare for these trains vary between  Rs.140 and Rs.170.

If travelling from Varanasi, passengers can board Swatantra S Exp, Gangakaveri Exp, BI Shramik Exp and Rny Mzs Passenger. Fares for these trains are reasonable and will cost you anywhere between Rs. 30 to Rs.180.

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So, choose your preferred mode of transportation and travel to Kumbh now.