Hush the Rush! Top 5 Tips to Skip the Airport Hustle

We all love travelling…some of us even want to be jet-setters 24×7! But getting through those long queues at the airport is something we all dislike.

This common hatred starts from the check-in counter process, leading to the insane security lines and delay of flights.

But if you want to give your trip a flying start and whizz through the airport formalities like a pro, read the following top tips and speed your way for an incredibly smooth airport experience.

Get, Set, Speed Up

Take a few steps in advance! Book airlines that allow online check-in and also allow a bag drop service. Also, book a seat near the door, so that you are among the first ones to disembark too.


Look Before You Leap

Before heading off through security, do a thorough check. Look if you have all your belongings (passport, boarding pass, visa, tickets, phone, etc). This also applies to other airport spots like cafes, bars or at the boarding gate. Leaving behind something can waste your valuable time.

Be Prepared for Security

Magic Mantra: Abide by the rules :P. Keep all your liquids in containers that are less than 100 ml and seal them in a plastic bag beforehand. Also, if you are wearing a belt with anything metallic, take it off in advance before someone asks you to do so. Same goes for laptops and mobile phones as well.


Don’t Dress to Impress

Dressing appropriately is one of the major things that one should keep in mind. The airport security requires you to take off your shoes, hat, jacket, watches, etc. So avoid wearing tons of layers to save your precious time.

Backpacks are your Saviour

Backpacks are way better than wheelie suitcases to keep you light and relaxed. It not only helps you in skirting through the crowds quickly but is also fits easily as cabin bags.


With these incredibly easy tips, you can manage your time while travelling and also frisk the dreadful feelings attached to airports.