Imagica: Badi Interesting Jagah Hai!

‘If you have never been here, you should. This place is fun and fun is good’.

Hey, are you tired of the same old boring life? Wondering where to spend the new year? Not to worry my friend! Spend this holiday season at the most exciting destination – Imagica. This place guarantees a dash of adventure with splashes of fun without burning a hole in your pocket.



A Glimpse of this fairyland

Known to be one of the best amusement parks in India, Imagica is a wondrous place loved by people of all age groups. A Mykonos-themed Water Park, a huge Snow Park, an Imagica Theme Park and a luxurious hotel are the major attractions of this property. With so much interesting activities in offer, this place is a paradise for all those who want to spend a fun-filled day. Also, reaching this land is not a task as Imagica provides pickup/drop off facility from the cities of  Mumbai and Pune via Western Express Highway.


Packages to suit everyone

Whether you are planning a visit with your family or with your group of friends, there is a package suiting all needs. You can also buy the tickets of Snow Park or Theme Park separately. The entry fees of Imagica also varies for senior citizens, adults, and children. Not to forget, Imagica also offers a world-class accommodation facility for you to enjoy a comfortable stay. So, wait no more and embark on a journey with us.

The sensational Imagica Theme Park

Imagica Theme Park has as many as 25 exciting rides and attractions. Yes, you heard us right! That’s a whole lot of entertainment for spending a day drenched in sheer fun. You even get to meet famous characters like Mogambo of Mr. India, Bow Wow, Tubby – Imagica’s adorable elephant and the lovable Neera and Sheera. Also, you can shop from several merchandise outlets, gorge on some delectable cuisines or hop from one ride to another.


The incredible Snow Park

If you want to experience a white winter this year, then head to India’s largest Snow Park here. Play snow basketball with your friends, slide down the icy slopes or sip a cup of hot coffee to feel the real essence of winter like never before.



The exciting Mykonos-themed Water Park

Synonym to enjoyment and fun, the Mykonos-themed Water Park at Adlabs Imagica is worth every penny spent. When you enter this exhilarating place, race through Zip Zap Zoom, shout your lungs out on the Yell-O or enjoy at the Loopy Woopy Slide. The Water Park will surely be a delight for you and your entire family.



The gorgeous Novotel Imagica

Imagine yourself waking up to the scenic mountains of Khopoli this winter. It may sound like a dream, but it is actually possible. Novotel Imagica is the perfect family holiday destination that offers stylish rooms, gymnasium, and a swimming pool with an easy access to both the parks.



So wait no more and take a break from your daily routine and visit Imagica for endless fun, thrill, and excitement. It truly is a perfect holiday destination.

Happy Travels!