Weird, Wonderful World! 7 Unbelievable Natural Phenomena on Planet Earth

From ice caves to blue volcanoes, green sunset to spotted lakes, Mother Nature puts on display some pretty wacky, wondrous things! Here is a list of 7 weirdest natural phenomena around the globe that will surely raise your eyebrows:

Blue Volcano, Mount Ijen, Indonesia

The image of a volcano spewing blue lava instead of red might sound like total fiction. But it is true! Trail the tracks of Mt. Ijen in Indonesia and treat your eyes to this absolutely amazing phenomenon.

blue vol

Turquoise Ice, Lake Baikal

Holding 20% of the Earth’s freshwater, Lake Baikal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that also dazzles its visitors with turquoise ice.


Reflecting Desert, Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

You don’t need to die to go to heaven; you can experience heaven at Salar De Uyuni in Bolivia. This salt desert will make you believe like you are standing on nature’s mirror!


Spotted Lake, British Columbia, Canada

This phenomenon occurs as the saline and highly concentrated water of the Spotted Lake evaporates during the summer leaving behind colourful mineral deposits.


Fairy Circles, Namibia

Commonly found in the grasslands of Namibia, these circles are formed thanks to their barrenness while surrounded by lush vegetations all around.


Frozen Methane Bubbles, Abraham Lake, Canada

No, you’re not under a spell! This phenomenon occurs when organic matters accumulate at the bottom of the Abraham Lake in Canada and the methane that is produced becomes frozen.


Ice Caves, Iceland

Ice caves are short-lived wonders, but they are one of the most freakishly fascinating happenings of the world.