India On Lockdown: Documents You Will Need If You Step Out

Alongside the three-week nationwide lockdown, Section 144 of the CrPC also remains in place. It bars the assembly of four or more people. 


Therefore, people stepping out will be required to show their ID proof or documents to the security personnel. Below are the complete details:

People who can move without passes: 

  • Individuals visiting nearby stores to purchase essentials, medicines or going for an urgent medical consultation. Please note that not more than two people can be together. 
  • Individuals involved in ongoing agricultural, animal husbandry or fisheries activities 

People who need ID cards given by their employers:

  • Officials working in healthcare services such as nurses, para-medical staff
  • Individuals associated with public utilities such as electricity, water, and fire services 
  • Those dealing with petroleum, LPG and CNG
  • Employees of print and electronic media 
  • Newspaper delivery workers
  • Railway/airport/port personnel along with vehicles involved in the movement of cargo and essential commodities
  • Telecom and postal services officials and workers

People who need ID cards from the government:

  • Government personnel who are in the exempted category must carry identity proof issued by the government. 
  • Officials working in the Legislative Assembly and Parliament

Workers who need authorisation letters by employers and the police approval:

  • E-commerce staff who are involved in the delivery of all essential goods including food, pharmaceutical and medical equipment
  • Individuals engaged in the distribution of food items and groceries