Indian Railways planning to install vending machines in trains

To curb the problem of passengers getting overpriced and stale food, Indian Railways has decided to install vending machines in trains. These machines will dispense ready-to-eat food for the passengers at any time of the day. The customers can choose products of their choice and make payments by either cash or card.   


The machines will be installed in every third coach for easy accessibility. A brief description of the meal along with the price will be displayed on the screen. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals will be made available. This service will be implemented with the debut of Uday Express (Utkrisht Double Decker Yatra Express) in July, 2017.


About Uday Express

This train will run on the busy route of Delhi-Lucknow and is likely to cater to the business travellers. The average speed of the train is 110 km/hour. It has a carrying capacity which is 40 percent more as compared to other trains and will help clear the rush on this route. It is one of the four trains introduced by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu in the Budget 2016-27.