Is a camera allowed in flight?

Yes, cameras are allowed on flights but there are a few guidelines and restrictions one needs to follow to carry this item.

You can carry handheld cameras like DSLRs or action cameras or point-and-shoot cameras like a GoPro as a part of your carry-on luggage on board, subject to BCAS regulations.

Camera Gear:

Cleaning products and tripods: Carry these items in your checked luggage as there are restrictions on the amount of liquid you can carry in your carry-on luggage. Tripods can also be a part of your checked luggage as they are bulky and can occupy a lot of space.

Camera Batteries: All airlines, airports and even countries have specific rules regarding the type of battery one can carry. For example, a lot of airports limit Lithium batteries while others may ask you to remove the batteries. So, make sure to check and understand the rules of the airport or airline you’re considering for your journey.

Rules for carrying Drones:

Air India allows drones as a part of cabin baggage only if it is Nano, micro, or small drones weighing up to 2 kg/ 4.4 lb.

IndiGo does not allow drones in cabin luggage but you can take it in your checked in luggage.

So, different airlines have different rules and passengers must confirm with the airline before taking any such item on board. 

General Rules:

1. While there are generally no restrictions on using cameras during a flight journey, one must be aware of the policies of the airline you are flying with in respect to photography and videography.

2. Always keep your cameras accessible for the security check at the airport. Cameras in the carry-on luggage are always inspected, so ensure that you are prepared for this process

3. Always follow the rules during takeoff and landing. The crew will prohibit you from using your electronic devices including the camera during these times.

4. Make sure you respect the privacy of the fellow passengers and crew members while using a camera for taking photos or videos. 
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