Want to be a Travel Vlogger? Here are 5 Things You Must Have

With the COVID-19 pandemic engulfing the entire world, travel has become a valued rescue like never before. If you’re thinking of dabbling into travel vlogging, now is the time! 

Below are 5 must have items that you need to start your travel vlog and keep at it for the long run.

> Good camera

> Travel Insurance 

> VPN 

> Power Bank

> Tripod and Selfie Stick

Good Camera

There’s no point in being a travel vlogger without having an extraordinary camera. A picture is worth a thousand words, after all. You can invest in a professional camera to do your job right but you can also save that hard-earned money by purchasing a phone with an equally great camera.

If you’re looking for recommendations for a new device, the OnePlus 10 Pro comes with an ultra-wide camera offering a 150° field of view that can take photos that are much wider than what your current smartphone would be capable of. The increased field of view from such a camera will let you capture more in each shot.

Shot on OnePlus 10 Pro


This phone is available in two beautiful colours – Volcanic Black and Emerald forest. The price for the phone with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage is 66999 and for the 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage is 71999.

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Travel Insurance

While it’s intangible, travel insurance has never been more important than now. Since the pandemic is still affecting our lives with multiple and rigid travel guidelines, travel insurance is not an option if you want to give travel vlogging your all.


There are certain countries that have listed travel insurance as a mandatory requirement for anyone visiting them. Make sure to do a lot of research and pick a policy that fulfils your needs and allows you to travel as freely as possible.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Most of us associate a VPN connection with our workplaces and their specific applications and websites. But it’s time to know that a VPN can be used even for your personal needs, especially when you’re a travel vlogger.

Each country has its restrictions on online content and a VPN is how you can watch an Amazon Prime US-only TV show while slurping Pho in Vietnam. With a good VPN, your travel vlogging and content will have no bounds, and that’s how it should be anyway. 

Power Bank

We all remember the days when we struggled to hog the one charging point in train cabins, don’t we? And that’s why power banks became an enormous relief. Of course, another solution is to find a phone which has an unbelievable battery backup.

If you’re on the lookout for a new phone, the OnePlus 10 Pro has a 5,000 mAh battery that charges from 1 to 100% in just 32 minutes. Even wireless charging is incredibly fast in the OnePlus 10 Pro, with 50W AIRVOOC taking it from 1 to 100% in 47 minutes. 

Tripod and Selfie Stick

One of the drawbacks of travel vlogging is that you might not have a companion at all times. On such solo trips, it’s pivotal that you have the equipment that allows you to take photographs or videos without being dependent on anybody.


It’s a good idea to invest in a sturdy tripod and a durable selfie stick. With a good tripod, you can make as many videos and reels as you’d like. And a selfie stick will not let your front camera pictures be limited to a certain angle or range. 


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