Sorry Boys! This Gorgeous Private Island Is For Women Only

Yes, ladies, it’s happening! Now you can actually take a break from MEN while vacaying.

Imagine yourself with your girl gang on an exclusive getaway at a modern-day Themyscira (the magical island home of Wonder Woman). Isn’t that cool?

room-outdoors3-ht-ml-180214_3x2_992Brain-child of the American entrepreneur, Kristina Roth, SuperShe Island is located off the coast of Finland which is available only for ladies. Her mission is to bring badass women from around the world together where they can connect through fitness, wellness, nutrition and more.

Where is this paradise located?

Home to lush greenery and serene sea views, this Instagram-worthy 8.4-acre island is about 90 minutes away from Helsinki.

room-indoors4-ht-ml-180214_3x2_992When Can You Go There?

The all-female wellness retreat is slated to open this summer. Once the construction is complete, tourists can start booking. The place has 4 cabins that can fit 10 people at a time.

living-room6-ht-ml80214_3x2_992What are the charges?

Staying at this no man’s land will cost about US $3500 for 7 days. Well, for a week-long escape from the male species, we all are ready to splurge, aren’t we?

dinner5-ht-ml80214_3x2_992Note: In order to stay on the island, one needs to apply through the organisation’s website for becoming a SuperShe member and join in a Skype interview with the founder herself.

flower-room-indoors-ht-ml-180214_3x2_992So, are you excited? This piece of womanly heaven should be on your bucket list ladies. Till we meet again, happy travels!

Picture Credits: abcnews