It’s a WORLD RECORD! Qantas lands the world’s longest flight

A ‘Historic Moment’ for the world of aviation!

Australia’s flag carrier Qantas made a world record by completing a non-stop flight from New York to Sydney in just 19 hours 16 minutes with 49 people on board.

Next month, Qantas plans to test a non-stop flight from London to Sydney.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said, “This is the first of three test flights that are going to come up with recommendations about how we manage pilot fatigue (and) how we actually manage passenger jet lag.”

The crew of the Dreamliner pose with Alan Joyce after its history-making flight into Sydney. Picture: David Gray/Qantas/AFP

He added, “After 19 hours on this flight, I think we’ve gotten this right. It feels like we’ve been on a flight a lot shorter than that.”

The flight took off with a fifth or less of its maximum passenger capacity, no cargo, restricted baggage and maximum fuel of 126,000 litres.

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