Why December is the FRIYAY of the Year!

There’s a new swing in your step, the air is suddenly smelling sweeter and you catch yourself smiling for no reason, it’s not love, and no, you aren’t sick either. It’s Friday! Well, more specifically, it’s the Friday of the year!

That’s right, December is here and we don’t know about the coldest, but it’s the coolest month of the year. Read on as we tell you why and how December is one long FRIYAY!

1. Christmas is Here!

It’s impossible to not be merry when the season of Santa Claus, Christmas trees, plum cake, and movie marathons arrives. Keep calm and jingle all the way!

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2. It’s Vacation Time!

The year-long slogging has paid off and it’s time to celebrate the beautiful ending by taking that long-awaited vacation in December!


3. Shop til You Drop

Black Friday Sale, Christmas Sale, End of Season Sale, New Year Sale…December is all about sales! Go on a shopping spree and make the most of the festive offers.

4. Shape? What Shape?

Tired of working out? All the fluffy jackets and sweaters you get to wear in December mean only one thing: it’s time to binge on your favourite dishes and take a break. We won’t tell anyone!

5. Do you Want to Build a Snowman?

So you stay in a place where it doesn’t snow? Well, then it’s time to travel to a winter destination. Pack your jackets, boots and take that trip because winters are here!


6. Light up the Dark

Cold air, dark nights, and a bonfire with your best buddies! Enjoy the outdoors and catch up with the people you love…or tell them ghost stories!

7. It’s the Time to Disco!

With the ongoing festivities and merry vibe, there’s every reason to party! So put on your dancing shoes and set the floor on fire.

8. Home Sweet Home

December is extra special because not only does it bring holidays and festivals, but it’s also the time when final exams or work commitments come to an end. So plan a trip home and end the year on a happy note!


9. The Joy of Hot Drinks

When the temperature drops outside, let a soothing cup of hot chocolate or masala chai warm you from the inside!

10. Fresh Beginnings

We saved the best for the end! Just like Friday brings hope for a better week, December brings hope for a better year. Celebrate the ending and hope for a happy new year!

Are you excited about the FRIYAY of the year? Do let us know in the comments!