4 features of ixigo train app every women traveller should know about

As famously quoted, “The best gift you could give her is a lifetime of adventures”. ixigo, the all-encompassing travel metasearch engine, is empowering women to travel, hassle-free. Some exciting features like Station Alarm, Augmented Reality Coach Position, PNR Prediction and Seat Map ensure a comfortable journey. 

Don’t miss out on these amazing features —

Station Alarm

Are you among those people who are always scared of missing their station? The Station Alarm feature on the ixigo’s train app allows you to set an alarm when you are about to reach your destination. It ensures that you enjoy a sound sleep and never miss your station.

Note: The phone number, location services and internet connectivity should be turned ON for using this feature.

station-alarm (1)

Augmented Reality Coach Position

With AR (Augmented Reality) Coach Position feature, you will be able to accurately locate your coach positions for more than 13,000 passenger trains.  As soon as you grant camera access to the app and point it at the railway platform, the app will overlay coach positions of the train on the phone screen. It is as easy as that.

Note: Passengers using iPhone 6 Plus and newer models will be able to use this feature.


PNR Status and Prediction

To ensure a safe and comfortable journey, check your PNR status online especially when you have a waitlisted ticket. This feature enables you to know whether your seat is confirmed or not. Also, before booking, check PNR predictions to know about the confirmation chances of your ticket.

Note: If the confirmation chances are zero, then booking the ticket might not be a good idea.

Seat Map

With the help of this feature, you no longer have to wander around to locate your seat.  


You can also use the app to catch up on the latest train stories or play games for an entertaining journey.

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