Know about the unique Ram Naam Bank with no ATMs or cheque books

A unique bank named ‘Ram Naam Bank’ is grabbing a lot of attention at the Kumbh this year. The bank has no monetary transactions, no cheque books or ATMs. Its members are given a booklet of 30 pages with 108 columns in which they have to write Ram Naam 108 times every day. On completion, the booklet will be submitted in that individual’s account.

Book Trains

The name of the Lord has to be written in red ink and can be in Urdu, English and Bengali apart from Hindi. The process is called ‘Likhita Jaap’, and it comes in the category of writing meditation.

Located in sector 6 of Kumbh Mela, the bank has now made its presence on the digital platform. The Ram Naam app can be easily downloaded free of cost from the Google Play Store. To register, necessary details such as name, age, address and also why the person wants to write the name of Lord Ram are needed.

Gunjan Varshney, president of the bank, said, “All these services are provided free of cost. Ram Naam Bank has ledgers and passbooks like any other bank, and maintains the records of its ‘depositors’. The only currency that works in this bank is the name of Lord Ram.”