List of countries offering visa free entry, visa on arrival and e-visas to Indian Passport holders

Have you ever wondered as Indians, what is the most stressful thing while planning a vacation abroad? Yes! It is the visa requirements for the country you wish to travel to. Each country has its own set of rules and regulations for visa processing which the Indian passport holders need to follow.

Unlike India, most countries in the world like Europe, Japan, Singapore and Canada ensure that their citizens travel and explore most parts of the world in a hassle free way without applying for a visa. If you are an Indian passport holder, there are some general rules you need to follow to get a visa for some other country. This includes a valid passport, significant bank balance, booking confirmations, duration of stay, identity proof, invitation letter (if any) and more. Although this is a very demanding process but there are still a few countries that offer visa to Indian passport holders in a hassle free way.

These countries offer visa free entry, visa on arrival and e-visas to Indians for an easy and comfortable travel abroad. Following is a list of the countries who will make the process of travelling International unchallenging.

Note: The visa requirements for each country keeps changing.

Countries that allow visa-free entry to Indian passport holders:

How about travelling abroad for a vacation without worrying about the visa process? Sounds exciting, right? There are many countries where an Indian passport is enough and doesn’t require a prior visa. So, choose your favorite destination from the following beautiful countries that you can visit with just your Indian passport.

Countries that provide visa on arrival to Indian passport holders:

There are number of countries that provide visa on arrival for Indian travellers. The necessary things required to get visa on arrival includes a valid passport, a completely filled visa form and visa fees.  Check out the list and plan your vacation to any of these countries.

Countries that provide e-visas to Indian passport holders:

There are several countries where Indian passport holders can obtain a visa online. The usual requirements to apply for an e-visa is a applicant’s passport in PDF format, travel information including itinerary, address of accommodation, etc. Check the following list of countries that provide e-visa and plan your next vacation.

So, next time before cancelling your International travel plans, make sure you go through the above mentioned list of countries that provide visa free entry, visa on arrival and e-visas for Indian Passport holders.