Ghost Train To Hit The Tracks Soon!

You know you are in Japan when you get to travel in the amazing bullet train that has been ferrying its passengers at a speed of up to 580 km/hr for the past two years. Wow, what a ride!

After having already mastered the levitating bullet train, Seibu Railway Co. is all set to hit the tracks with itโ€™s virtually invisible train in 2018.



Designed by Kazuyo Sejima, Japanese architect famous for making buildings that camouflage with the environment, the train wonโ€™t be completely invisible but will boast of a semi-reflective surface, thanks to its pristine mirrored surfaces.

The railways has permitted Sejima to redesign, both the interior and exterior of its Red Arrow Express commuter train to celebrate itโ€™s 100th anniversary. The project looks promising as many existing trains can make use of the new design. It is believed that the invisible train will hit the tracks two years later and cover 111 miles throughout Japan.



From the mountains of Chichibu to the middle of Tokyo, the new train will make its way through beautiful landscapes. Also, the idea will be to have a train that blends with the environment, thus providing passengers with a memorable experience throughout their journey.

As told by Sejima in a press release, the idea of having this invisible train is to ensure people relax in comfort, in their own way, like the way they do in their living room. This train would gently coexist with a variety of sceneries, thus providing commuters with one-of-its-kind experience.

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