Lockdown to continue till 17th May; Know all the details

As per the latest updates, the Indian government has decided to extend the nationwide lockdown by two more weeks till 17th May. The home ministry has issued many new guidelines to regulate different activities in this period, based on the risk profiling of the districts into red, green and orange zones.

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There will be considerable relaxations in the districts falling in the Green and Orange zones, the government said.

Travel by air, rail, metro and inter-state movement by road will remain banned.

Schools, educational, training/coaching institutions, colleges, hospitality services, including hotels and restaurants; places of large public gatherings, such as cinema halls, malls, gyms and sports complexes will remain closed during this period. Any kind of social, political, cultural and other gatherings will also not be allowed.

Criteria for Identifying zones 

-Green zones are the districts with either zero confirmed cases till date; or, no confirmed case in the last 21 days.

-Red zones will be classified according to the total number of active cases, doubling rate of confirmed cases, extent of testing and surveillance feedback from the districts.

-Those districts, which are neither defined as Red nor Green, shall be classified as Orange zones.

Here are the key points —

1> OPDs and medical clinics shall be permitted to operate in red, orange and green zones, with social distancing norms and other safety precautions. However, these will not be permitted within the containment zones.

2> No movement of people in and out of the containment zones should be ensured, except for medical emergencies, and for maintaining the supply of essential goods and services.

3>  In orange zones, inter-district movement of individuals & vehicles will be allowed for permitted activities only.

4> In orange zones, in addition to activities permitted in the Red Zone, taxis and cab aggregators will be permitted with 1 driver and 1 passenger only.

5> In red zones, movement of individuals and vehicles is allowed only for permitted activities, with a maximum of 2 people (besides the driver) in four-wheeler vehicles, and with no pillion rider in the case of two-wheelers.

6> E-commerce activities, in red zones, are permitted only in respect of essential goods.

7> In red zones, private offices can operate with up to 33% strength as per requirement, with the remaining people working from home.

8> Liquor stores and paan shops will be allowed to function in green zones while ensuring minimum six feet distance from each other and ensuring that not more than 5 persons are present at one time at the shop.

9> Buses can operate with not more than 50% seating in green zones

10> Special trains that are being run by the railways have been planned only for nominated people identified and registered by state governments.

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