Long Weekends in August: Celebrate The Holiday!

Tired  of the same mundane routine for all these months and need a break badly? Thankfully, August brings a reprieve, for it has three such weekends where all you have to do is to take a single day off and you can plan an extended holiday. Celebrate the long weekends in August by visiting these amazing destinations.


Weekend Retreats for Delhites


While Jaipur is always the first place that comes into the minds of Delhi people, when it’s time to steer towards Rajasthan, try Bikaner. For one, you’ll know something more than the Amber Fort. Plus, there’s quite a lot of time that you can spend there without rushing back to Delhi. Dal, baati, choorma, lal maas are anyway a big lure. Bikaner is one of those cities in Rajasthan which surely deserve a visit.



Okay. You might have been to Shimla for some ten times. Still, such is the magic of this place that you think of it every time you think of hills. Perhaps, it’s those silver lamps that come out flickering in the evening on the Mall Road, or the cloud tufts that hit you gently in the face, or the thousands of colourful umbrellas that pop out of nowhere when it rains there. Eh.. few things never change.


Weekend delights for the Bengaluru techies


You might have gorged over Ooty’s homemade chocolates for quite a many times. But you still crave for it, right? So while you pop in those dark chocolate balls, drive off on the misty roads that meander from between pine trees, and waterfalls that come gurgling down to the roadside from the tea plantations up on the hill.



An hour’s drive from the “IT City”, Mysore has the magical Mysore City Palace which will have your gaze fixed for some time when you step here! Don’t miss the bustling markets and you can stock up Sandalwood oils, handicrafts, ittar, and of course the never enough Mysore Pak.



While people coming to Kanyakumari for a trip usually hit the panic button of hurry in a bid to soak it all too soon, a lazy weekend is what I vouch for. Sit at the beach across the Kanyakumari Temple at sunset or sunrise and watch the horizon change colours. It’s one hell of a color riot set loose by nature.


Weekend Favourites for Mumbaikars


One of the least explored hill stations in the vicinity, the city of Saputara is perfect for a break up. By “break up” I meant an estrangement between you and the chaos of city life. Go for a splash in the gurgling waterfalls here, or take photographs to your hearts’ content. You’ll have your hands full.



When I say Mahabaleshwar, it’s more than just the temples of this place. When you’ve an entire weekend, a longer one at that, to spend, explore the more natural aspects of this place. Even though it is a year round destination, a trip to Mahabaleshwar in rains is something you must try. The roads are good too!


Weekend breaks for Ahmedabad Folks


This is one city that even James Bond fell in love with. Remember Octopussy? Of course, you do. Apart from the majestic architecture that is so so royal, pick up a lot of Bandhani work, those typical Rajput daggers, kilos of that ever delicious sweet ghevar, and more. And a 3-day itinerary of Udaipur helps you in exploring this place like a local!



Yes, I know you thought that Jamnagar is passe for somebody from Ahmedabad. But trust me, it is not. For I’m not telling you to stick just to the lanes of the city, but also to hold a starfish or two in hand. Yes, for the city is home to India’s first marine park. You can walk in to gaze at some of the most fascinating sea life that you would’ve ever imagined.


Weekend Retreats for the smiling people of Chennai


There’s more to Mahabalipuram than just water and sand. I say that because right across the shore are wonders like the Shore Temple. Brilliant examples of fine architecture, these places have their own sagas rich in history. One of the most preferred weekend getaways from Chennai, Mahabalipuram is worth a visit!



A strong sense of nostalgia will sweep over you as you walk the vintage lanes of Pondicherry. It feels like a walk in the French colony that was established here long, long back. Hop aboard a cycle, gather the whole lot of history that’s just strewn around the place. There is so much to explore and experience here. You can take your pick from any of these 10 reasons to visit Pondicherry for a complete holiday feel!


Weekend Delights for the arty Kolkata travellers:


The roads at Kalimpong will leave you asking for more. So much so that once you reach the place, you’ll stay out of the hotel room till as late as the wee hours of morning. Stars seem nearer at Kalimpong, while every turn on the road offers you views like this:



When they say that the whole of Darjeeling can pass for a picture postcard, I feel like adding the word ‘perfect’ between picture and postcard. On days when it rains at Darjeeling, it looks like a painting that’ll smudge if you touch it, even with a feather brush. That says it all, doesn’t it? And that, in the picture, is the Darjeeling Himalayan Toy Train ride that you just can’t miss.


Weekend delights for the simpletons of Guwahati


If there’s one thing more beautiful and engaging than the nature at Moreh, it’s the people. With grins that often stretch from ear to ear, these people are a welcoming lot. Have fun hobnobbing in the local markets, which offer quite a deal. I say that because Moreh is India’s link to Myanmar, and a lot of goods land here. Pretty low prices assured.



No visit to Shillong can be complete without a trip to Cherrapunjee and subsequently to the gushing Seven Sisters Waterfall. Rains add a charm to this place, making it all the more beautiful. Go for a long drive and you will be accompanied by picturesque scenic beauty all through your journey!

I hope the above list of long weekend getaways in August will make you pack your bags and head for an interesting journey! Don’t forget to share your experiences here. We’ll love to listen from you.