Malaysian Visa Prices Slashed for Indians Till This Date

As instructed by the Government of Malaysia, the Malaysian visa fee for Indian citizens has been slashed until December 2019.

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Initially, it would have costed Indians nearly $45 (approx. Rs. 3129) for a visa, which has now been slashed to $20 (approx. Rs.1391). Also, instead of the regular visa procedure, travellers will now have to register for their visa online. This online registration facility will help them obtain a visa for 15 days only.

To obtain this visa, travellers will have to plan their Malaysian holiday well in advance. Requirements for this visa include a valid passport (not expiring in the next 6 months), a passport sized photo, a return ticket for Malaysia and proof of accommodation there.

This visa comes with conditions. It will only allow travellers to tour the country for 15 days. Also, once the visa is obtained, the passenger must travel within 90 days.

Documents necessary for immigration include the approved visa obtained from the website, boarding pass, return ticket, sufficient funds in your account, and accommodation details.

Note: Prices are subject to conversion rate changes.