Places you must Visit in March, with a Spring in your Step

There’s something about the season of Spring; its gaiety, its bold, bright beauty, and sheer colourfulness make our hearts sing with joy! It’s the season to take long walks, sit out in the sunshine, read, and explore the best Spring destinations in the world.

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Playa del Carmen, Mexico

One of the most favoured vacation destinations in the world, Playa del Carmen is idyllic in March, more specifically in the first half of the month. Lounge lazily at the beach or go windsurfing, kayaking, or deep sea diving.


Tasmania, Australia

With lazy, breezy pre-summer days, Tasmania has a way of making its visitors fall in love with itself. And why not? Nobody can resist the picturesque vividness of Australia’s island state.


Madrid, Spain

The bitter winter lifts off to make way for warmer, more wonderful days in Madrid in March. There’s revelry and reverie all around, in the weather, in the people, in the parks and in the beer even!


Hangzhou, China

Popular as a Spring retreat, Hangzhou is just the right amount of warm and cool in March. This is also when the peach flower blossoms are in full bloom, beautifying the town all the more.


Douro Valley, Portugal

Spring arrives early in this Valley, where a pampering spa cation awaits you at Six Senses, a wellness resort. Wine permeates every aspect of life here, and how better to celebrate the coming of summer than with sanguine sips.


Washington D.C., USA

There’s more to this city than just history and politics! The city is dressed in surreal shades of pink as Cherry Blossoms come out in blissful bloom. Plus, the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival starts on March 20. Fun, fun and oh so much more fun!


Join in the revelry of the season and start making plans already!