Monsoon Travel Hacks To Make Your Trips Even Better

One of the times in the year when it is surely a delight to travel is during the monsoons. It allows you to witness the scenic splendor of a destination in its best form. However, it is also a brave choice to travel in monsoons, as visibility, bad roads, and roadblocks can be a dampener. Every time I travelled during this time of the year, I learned something new and what not to do on my next trip. Here are some very important pointers to keep in mind for a hassle-free monsoon travel.

Don’t forget

Umbrella or Raincoat

Never leave an umbrella back home even if it’s a sunny day. It is always good to be prepared than caught in a downpour that can ruin your clothes and mood.


Packaged Food

Having chai and pakoras at a roadside stall on a rainy day sounds great. But it might not be that great in reality. Having food outside during the rainy season can be very unhygienic and might make you fall sick. Carry sachets of herbal teas and packaged food with you at all times. Also, don’t drink water from unsealed bottles or the regular running tap.

First Aid Boxes / Insect Repellant

You should always carry a first-aid box in case of an emergency. The probability of catching cold and falling sick during the rainy season is more than during any other time of the year. Also, carrying an insect repellant is a must.


Waterproof Backpacks

Carry a sturdy, water-resistant backpack to protect your clothes and belongings while travelling. A damp bag gets heavy and difficult to carry. Also, any food that you might be carrying can get spoiled.


Research before travelling

If you are planning to visit a new destination, keep yourself updated with the safest routes to travel. You should always know how you can get help if you are stranded, the intensity of rain that the region receives, and emergency contact information of the local authorities. Here is the list of top 10 monsoon destinations in India, which are must visit during monsoons. Also, it is advisable to make reservations beforehand to ensure a safe journey. 



Keeping your feet dry during the travel is very important. Exposure of your feet to dirty water can lead to leptospirosis and various other fungal infections of the feet and fingernails.


Power Bank

Chances of a power outage during a rainy day are more. To keep your phone active, it’s important that you carry a power bank at all times.

Small Flashlight

As it might get dark early, keep a little flashlight with you to help you find your way around. Don’t rely on your phone’s flashlight, you should conserve it for later.


Extra Plastic Bags

It’s good to carry some extra plastic bags to keep your electronics safe. Also, you can use them to keep wet clothes and food items.

Monsoon travel hacks listed here are sure to keep you protected from the rains, while ensuring you make the most of the scenic vistas on your way. Have a splendid journey as the view is going to be nothing less than breathtaking! If you feel adventurous already, read on to find out more about interesting travel hacks in the wild.

Keep calm and get soaked!!

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