New Year Resolutions Every Traveller Should Make

Another year and another opportunity for you to know about these new year resolutions every traveller should make. Cooking, learning a new musical instrument or losing weight are things you can always work on. Instead master the skill of ‘travelogy’ and become a ‘travelogist’.

Travel, travel and travel

Spend less on clothes, watch movies on your laptop or work after hours to make sure you get to travel more. By simply putting secondary things on hold, you can jet off whenever you want.


Say no to gadgets

Posting about your whereabouts and activities on social media for loved ones is a great thing to do but it can be quite distractive too! Don’t carry a laptop or tablet if you want to make the most of your vacation. Just you and your quiet vacation–that’s what an avid traveller in you would preferably want!




Even if it is just for a day volunteer yourself for a good cause. Whether it’s cleaning a particular locality/neighbourhood or planting trees in a park, there is so much you can do for society. Interact with communities personally, get involved in activities and give something back to the place you are visiting. For more info check out volunteer travel in India.


Learn a new language

Make sure you learn a new language in 2016 and indulge in healthy conversations with the locals of a particular country. Besides an engaging conversation, learning a foreign language opens up many other possibilities for you. And just incase you want to learn how to wish new year in different languages, check out 11 ways of wishing happy new year.


Experiences are better than things

A scrapbook full of vacation pictures or a fridge magnet–what would you prefer more? Experiences and memories are things that money can’t buy. So when on a vacation, collect memories and not things!



Say yes to discomfort

As a traveller you must move out of your comfort zone or you won’t be able to travel like a pro! Taking public transport rather than a private vehicle, living in a hostel instead of a 5-star hotel–these are all things that will help you deal with things strongly. No matter what situation comes your way, just tell yourself you can do it!


Challenge yourself

Participate in activities that you think aren’t quite your thing–the best way to overcome your fears, trust us! Swim with sharks or go bungee jumping for that much needed adrenaline rush! In case you want to further your adventurous experience, don’t forget to check out these top 10 adventure sports in the world.


Explore a new place

While it is easy to plan a trip to an already visited city owing to the familiarity you have for the same, exploring a new destination has a different charm to it. Pack your bags and plan a vacation to all the incredible private hideaways in India that are yet to be explored. New experiences and new memories to take back home–wow, what a feeling!

Do it the local way

Stop being a tourist if you really want to know everything about a place. Instead, do it the local way. And how? Talk to the locals, live with them, observe their day-to-day life and get insights into things which otherwise is quite difficult.


These were some of the new year resolutions every traveller should make. How about sharing the ones you have made? Feel free to add to the list! We are waiting to hear from you. 🙂

About the author: 
A pen, notepad and her imagination – Pritha loves narrating stories her way!