New software by IRCTC introduced to help keep a check on food, know how

The hygiene standards on Indian trains in terms of food and toilets have been a focus area for the Indian Railways. So, to enhance the experience of the passengers, IRCTC is making use of Artificial Intelligence which will make sure hygienic food reaches all trains.

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WOBOT, IRCTC’s latest software aims to put a stop to low quality food served on trains by maintaining a close watch on IRCTC’s base kitchens. This will be done with the help of several CCTV cameras and a complaint-generating ‘ticket-based’ mechanism.

Let’s know how the system works:

1) All 16 base kitchens of IRCTC have been fitted with high definition cameras which are connected to huge monitors for artificial intelligence vision detection.


2) The live stream of all the 16 kitchens is played live in the Delhi headquarters of the software.

3) This system is also tuned to detect any unexpected change that is not in line with the pattern fed into the machine.

For instance, if it detects insects, rodents, it will automatically alert the concerned officials with the help of a complaint ‘ticket’. It will even detect if the chefs are not wearing the right uniform or head-gear.

4) In case the contractor or concerned kitchen does not take the necessary action within a specified time, then the complaint ‘ticket’ is automatically forwarded to the higher officials – finally reaching the IRCTC MD.