Now you will have to pay more for tea and coffee in trains

If you enjoy drinking tea or coffee during a train journey then get ready to pay more. According to a circular issued by the Railway Board to all zones, the prices of tea and coffee are likely to go up.

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Besides this, Indian Railways has also decided to discontinue the practice of serving tea and coffee in pots.

The price of a 150 ml cup of tea with tea bag and 150 ml coffee with instant coffee powder in disposable cups of 170 ml have been revised from Rs 7 to Rs 10.

According to a senior officer, “It was proposed by IRCTC a few months ago and got approved by The Railway Board. It is a minimal hike. We also decided to discontinue pot system as many were not ordering it anyway.”

IRCTC caters to about 350 trains that have pantry cars. However, Shatabdi and Rajdhani trains will remain unaffected as the food package in these trains are prepaid.