October festivals around the world

Warning. This post is going to fuel your wanderlust making your bucket list super long!

To explore a destination uniquely and differently one must visit the place during festivals. And October brings the best colourful and exciting festivals of all religions and cultures from around the world. So take a look and see which one of these 5 October celebrations grabs your interest.




Philippines: Masskara Festival (Every third weekend of October)

The ‘City of Smiles’ draws thousands of tourists every year for a fun filled time with strangers and friends alike. After a  misfortunate event hit the place, this festival was born to lift the spirits of the people. Everyone celebrates this occasion by coming on the streets in colourful costumes, gorgeous headdresses, and fancy decorative masks to dance in revelry.


Austin City Limits Music Festival (6 October – 15 October)

The only word that can describe Austin City Limits Music Festival is DYNAMIC. ACL Festival is mixed with all genres of music in a live music setting. Also, several Electronic Music DJs make appearances as well, so cool right?


Singapore: Diwali Festival (18 October)

Celebrated by the Hindu community in Singapore, Diwali is an important festival. It is also known as Deepavali festival or the festival of light and marks the end of India’s harvest season. Singapore’s Indian enclave, Little India, celebrates this occasion on the streets which are festooned with lights, mesmerising cultural activities, fantastic street parades, and fireworks.


Mexico: Dia de Los Muertos (31 October – 2 November)

Dating back to 3,000 years, this Mexican holiday translates to ‘Day of the Dead.’ Based on Aztec’s belief (ethnic groups of central Mexico) the festival honours the dead and celebrates life. From decorated skulls, dancing processions, traditional food to people painting their faces, this occasion
is celebrated as a day of reunion and remembrance.


So did any of these festivals sound interesting to you? If yes, then don’t waste any more time and schedule your travels with these events in mind. Till we meet again, happy travels!