Lockdown 4.0: Movement of Buses and Other Passenger Vehicles Allowed

In a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus in India, the government has extended the lockdown until May 31 with various exemptions across red, orange and green zones.

Under the lockdown guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, air and metro travel will remain suspended.  However, inter-state movement of passenger vehicles and buses with mutual consent between states and UTs has been allowed. 

Ambulances and transportation for all medical personnel including nurses, para-medical staff and other hospital support services will continue as before.

Indian Railways has decided to stop all passenger services till May 31, except for the Rajdhani special trains that began operations on May 12 and Shramik special trains. 

Domestic airline operations will resume from May 25 in a calibrated manner while international commercial airline operations will remain suspended until May 31. 

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