8 Reasons to Book Train Tickets on ixigo Trains App

Nothing beats the comfort of train journeys! Adding to the charm are ixigo’s specially designed, groundbreaking features for trains that you ought to try on your next booking!

Once you book with us, these features will help you with timely updates corresponding to your booking.

Here are a few of them:

1. Pay ₹0 Payment Gateway Fees on 1st Booking

With ixigo, you need to pay ₹ 0 payment gateway fees on 1st booking. So, now save more and enjoy a hassle-free booking experience on the ixigo trains app.

2. Free cancellation with ixigo assured

With ixigo assured, travellers can get instant refunds on train tickets within 24 hours and there will be no IRCTC cancellation charges. However, note that ixigo fee, IRCTC convenience fee, payment getaway charges and free cancellation charges are non-refundable, that is, only the ticket fare will be refunded under free cancellation.

For availing free cancellation with ixigo assured, it is important that the booking must be cancelled before chart preparation or at least 4 hours prior to the scheduled train departure (whichever is earlier). This is because the refund will be calculated based on the time of booking cancellation. Please note that the free cancellation amount may change if the fare or ticket status (AVL/WL/RAC) changes before the final payment. 

3. Instant Refunds

With this feature, your money practically never leaves your pocket! All you have to do is enter your UPI ID in the app and in case of any booking failures, find your money back in your account in minutes.

4. Running Status

No more worrying about train delays! ixigo trains app’s most exciting feature ‘train running status‘ allows users to spot their train in real-time, anywhere, faster than any other app available in the market. With one tap, explore information such as your train’s current location, its delay status, the platform number it arrives on, the distance covered, and the expected time of arrival and departure. What’s even better? It works without the internet. Just remember to keep your GPS on at all times.

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5. PNR Status / Prediction

To ensure a safe and comfortable journey, always check your PNR status online. It’s especially significant when you have a waitlisted ticket. This feature enables you to check if your seat is confirmed or not. If waitlisted, it’ll also give you an estimated percentage of your ticket’s confirmation chances.

6. Station Alarm

Are you among those people who are always scared of missing their station? The Station Alarm feature on the ixigo’s trains app can come to your rescue! It allows you to set an alarm for the concerned station of your choice, waking and reminding you in time to get off.


7. Available in 8 languages

“Strength lies in differences”. Understanding and abiding by that quote, we take pride in bringing you our trains app in 8 different languages, including English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati, Tamil, Telugu, Bangla and Kannada.

8. Entertainment section

What’s a train journey without a little entertainment, anyway? Are we talking about a dedicated section readied just to keep you occupied during your train rides? Yes, we are! Find this section at the bottom of your android app screen alongside ‘Trips’ and ‘Profile’. Here, you’ll find:

Videos: Watch the latest trending videos in popular categories such as music, cricket, comedy and a lot more.

News: Find yourself interesting railway news, updates and stories to read while you’re on the go!

Radio: Classified into distinct topics like news, health, comedy, lifestyle and more, indulge in podcasts of your choice while travelling. 

Games: This section provides you with the coolest mobile games. Just remember to have a valid internet connection at all times.

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Use these amazing features on ixigo’s trains app and get rid of all booking related hassles!

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