PNR Status

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record and PNR status check means to find out the current status of the booked ticket that whether its confirmed or waitlisted. Indian Railways provides a unique PNR number to every booked ticket. There are limited seats available in a train so its not possible to provide confirm ticket to every booking. PNR number is a 10 digit number which provides each and every details of the journey along with train name, number, date of journey, passenger's name, ticket booking status, coach type, coach number, berth number and berth type. Some other travel details like Coach Number, Berth Number and Berth Type are provided only if the booked ticket status is CNF (Confirmed).IRCTC train ticket booking system provides CNF & RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) status when tickets are available and the bookings made after that are provided waitlisted status those gets confirmed in order only if any of CNF/RAC ticket gets cancelled. Especially when you have a waitlisted ticket, tracking the PNR live status becomes even more necessary. At ixigo, you can easily check PNR Status to access the latest information of your booked ticket. It saves you a lot of hassles, indeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is PNR status?

A: PNR status is the current status of your booked train ticket i.e. confirmed or waitlisted. Booked Ticket Status those were under waitlist gets change everytime there is an availability of seat due to cancellation of confirmed tickets. So the current updated ticket status is actual PNR Status. explains the passengers detail such as name, age, gender etc. These informations are stored in a database against every ticket that is provided with a unique reference number known as PNR Number.
If there is CNF on your ticket, you have got a confirmed ticket. WL on the PNR number means that your ticket is on the waiting list and your ticket will be confirmed if someone decides to cancel their booking. If the chart is prepared and your PNR status still shows WL, you can not board the train.

Q. How to Check PNR Status Online?

A: You can check PNR Status online via Follow the steps mentioned below;
  • Go to ixigo website or download the ixigo train app.
  • Click on "PNR Status" button.
  • Enter your 10 digit PNR number and search.
  • You will get your booked ticket current status along with passengers details.

Q. How to check PNR status on a phone?

A: Incase of no internet connectivity, you can check PNR Status via sending SMS. You will have follow below mentioned instructions.
  • Type "PNR (10-digit PNR Number)" and send it to 139.
  • Type "PNR (10-digit PNR Number)" and send it to 5676747.

Q. What is ticket confirmation probability?

A: When all the confirmed and RAC tickets are sold out, IRCTC assigns a waitlisted ticket for further bookings done of respective train and class. The ticket confirmation probability for these waitlisted depends upon the cancellations of confirmed and RAC tickets only. Confirmation probability increases by each cancellation of confirmed and RAC tickets.

Q. What is a PNR Number?

A: It is a 10 digit number provided by IRCTC to every booked ticket that explains the passenger detail such as name, age, fare and gender. If the PNR status is CNF(confirmed) it also provides train number, coach and seat numbers, travel class, departure and destination station. These informations are stored in a database against every ticket that is provided with a unique reference number known as PNR Number.

Q. Can we check PNR status of an old trip?

A: A PNR is only valid for a particular journey and a particular person. It is volatile and Indian Railway deletes it after the journey is complete.

Q. Where do I find PNR in an E ticket?

A: In E tickets (tickets that are booked online or through IRCTC website), PNR number is mentioned at the top in a separate cell. It is a ten digit number.

Q. Can you explain RLGN PNR Status?

A: Remote Location General Waiting List (RLGN) is issued when a user books a ticket where WL quota is RLWL. This means after booking ticket, RLWL gets named as RLGN.

Q. How to check the status of waiting list?

A: Click on the PNR status button on your ixigo train app. Enter your PNR number and after a few seconds, the status of your ticket will display on the screen.

Types of PNR Status

There are different PNR status types provided by IRCTC after train ticket booking is done. A 10-digit PNR number is issued which is printed on the top-left corner of the ticket (or e-ticket) itself. You can also find it in the text message (sms) that is sent to your mobile number by IRCTC after you book a train ticket.

  • CNF - It means confirmed. The ticket status shows as CNF when seats are confirmed.
  • RAC - It stands for Reservation Against Cancellation meaning the train ticket has a confirmed seat but wait-listed berth. If the tickets are booked under RAC status, then the allocated berth has to be split into two seats.
  • CAN - It means Cancelled i.e. ticket has been cancelled.
  • WL - Waiting List is a ticket status that gets confirmed only if the passengers on the same train who have booked before you cancel their ticket.
  • GNWL - General Waiting List. The probability of this ticket status getting confirmed is very high.
  • PQWL - Pooled Quota Waiting List status is issued when a passenger is travelling from the origin station to a station short of the last station, or from an intermediate station to the last station, or between any two intermediate stations.
  • RLWL - Remote Location Waiting List means a ticket has been issued to a passenger for intermediate stations (between the origin and terminating station). These intermediate stations are usually the most important towns on the route in particular.
  • TQWL - Tatkal Quota Waiting List. This is the waiting list for Tatkal tickets. The tickets in Tatkal get confirmed directly, instead of going through RAC. However during chart preparation GNWL is preferred over TQWL.
  • NOSB - It stands for NO SEAT BERTH which means journey is allowed without seat. This is allotted to child passengers below age 11 years.
Train PNR Number
PNR Status by App

PNR Status by App?

Download ixigo's Indian Rail Train PNR Status App, and get real time updates about your PNR Status Enquiry. Along with this, you also get access to your reservation booking status, platform number, coach position, and more.

PNR Status Online

PNR Status online?

With ixigo, it is easier to get the latest PNR Status online. First install the ixigo Inspire plugin from Chrome Store, which takes just a moment. Once the Inspire plugin is added to your Chrome browser, enter the 10-digit PNR number without any hyphen (-) in the search box. Then click on the Get Status tab.

PNR Status by SMS

PNR Status by SMS?

You can send a text to Indian Railways number 139 for PNR Enquiry. Just type the 10 digits (without hyphen) and send it to 139. You can also send the sms to 5676747. You would get the updated PNR information in your phone inbox. Please note that the text you send costs you Rs. 3 per sms.