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Popular Trains Live Running Status

TrainFromToCurrent LocationLive Running Status
08233 - Indb Bsp SpIndore Jn Bg (INDB)Bilaspur Jn (BSP)Niwar (NWR)on time
02906 - Hwh Okha SplHowrah Jn (HWH)Okha (OKHA)BHUPDEOPUR (BEF)31 min delay
02131 - Jbp Festival SplPune Jn (PUNE)Jabalpur (JBP)Bankhedi (BKH)on time
02582 - Muv Festival SplNew Delhi (NDLS)Manduadih (MUV)Rasulabad (RUB)34 min delay
01303 - Sur Ghy SplSolapur Jn (SUR)Guwahati (GHY)Dumraon (DURE)2 hr 30 min delay
02418 - Prayag Raj SplNew Delhi (NDLS)Prayagraj Jn. (PRYJ)Bharwari (BRE)32 min delay
03414 - Dli Mldt SplOld Delhi (DLI)Malda Town (MLDT)Barharwa Jn (BHW)42 min delay
06090 - Jtj Mas ExpJolarpettai (JTJ)Mgr Chennai Ctl (MAS)KAVANUR (KVN)on time
02621 - Mas Ndls ExpressMgr Chennai Ctl (MAS)New Delhi (NDLS)Tuglakabad (TKD)on time
02312 - Netaji Exp SplKalka (KLK)Howrah Jn (HWH)Old Delhi (DLI)on time
05274 - Satyagrah SplAnand Vihar TRM (ANVT)Raxaul Jn (RXL)MAIJAPUR (MIR)on time
02558 - Sapt Kranti SplAnand Vihar TRM (ANVT)Muzaffarpur Jn (MFP)Bagaha (BUG)on time
03020 - Hwh Festivl SplKathgodam (KGM)Howrah Jn (HWH)Lucknow Nr (LKO)on time
02295 - Sanghamitra ExpKSR Bengaluru (SBC)Danapur (DNR)Bihiya (BEA)6 min delay
02037 - Puri Ajmer SplPuri (PURI)Ajmer Jn (AII)Sayan (SYN)2 min delay
01105 - Pnvl Mao SplLokmanyatilak T (LTT)Gorakhpur Jn (GKP)Varanasi Jn (BSB)1 hr 25 min delay
09332 - Indb Kcvl SplIndore Jn Bg (INDB)Kochuveli (KCVL)Ankleshwar Jn (AKV)on time
01071 - Ltt Bsb SplLokmanyatilak T (LTT)Varanasi Jn (BSB)Ganj Basoda (BAQ)57 min delay
06516 - Maq Sbc ExpressKannur (CAN)KSR Bengaluru (SBC)CHIK BANAVAR (BAW)on time
02104 - Gkp Ltt Sup SplGorakhpur Jn (GKP)Lokmanyatilak T (LTT)Kanpur Central (CNB)on time

Popular Trains Live Status Update

Indb Bsp Sp (08233), departed from Indore Jn Bg (INDB) and going towards Bilaspur Jn (BSP), has Departed from NWR on time at 06:10
Status: on time
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Hwh Okha Spl (02906), departed from Howrah Jn (HWH) and going towards Okha (OKHA), has Departed from BEF at 06:15
Status: 31 min delay
View status
Jbp Festival Spl (02131), departed from Pune Jn (PUNE) and going towards Jabalpur (JBP), has Departed from BKH on time at 06:13
Status: on time
View status

Live Train Running Status

Live Train Running status check is a system created by Indian Railways for passengers to track down the exact location of their train. It is one of the easiest and fastest way to Spot your train. It also provides expected time arrival along with the upcoming stations and expected deparure time. This real-time tracking system of GPS enabled IRCTC trains, has made travel more convenient and time saving. You could get more detail along with the train status check, such as about your train real time delay, boarding platform number, last reported location along with estimated arrival time and estimated departure time for next upcoming railway stations in the route. National Train Enquiry System maintains the train delay information and also provides its on several dfferent platforms such websites, phone, mobile, railway enquiry counters and display boards at railway stations. It also helps to find out the platform number on which train is about to board. After all, a large number of travellers prefer to travel by rail over other modes of transport like buses and flights. Owing to the enormous railway network, train schedules sometimes go haywire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Live Train Running Status?

A: Live Train running status is a system created by Indian railways that tracks the current location of your train. ixigo offers the fastest way to spot your train easily at real-time. It also provides expected time of departure and arrival, platform number on which the train is arriving and the next upcoming station. This real-time monitoring of GPS-enabled trains is known as train running status or live running status which provides the current station of the train and offers approximate time to arrive and timetable to depart from the next railway stations on the line.

Q. How to check the train running status?

A: ixigo offers the fastest and easiest way to check your train location at real-time. You could check the train status on either ixigo website or train app. Follow the steps mentioned below;
  • Enter the Train Number/Train Name.
  • Click on Search for your Train Status.
  • Here is your train live location detailed page.
Additional Info
  • Total Distance to be covered by the train from Origin to Destination.
  • Platform number on which train is about to board.
  • Distance between the scheduled haults throught ou the complete journey.
  • Scheduled Arrival/Departure timing delays.
  • Estimated Time Arrival/Estimated Time Departure for source and destination station.
  • Total Numbers of haults within the whole journey.
  • You could also share the train live status details via app.

Q. What is NTES?

A: NTES stands for National Train Enquiry System and helps travellers find the whereabouts of their train. It includes features like spot your train, live station, train schedule, cancelled trains, rescheduled trains, diverted trains, etc

Q. How does running status works?

A: Whenever a train Departs from its source stations it provide updates of its departure from source and all arriving and departing stations via GPS system which now every train is equiped with, because of which we get to know the details like the current train location, speed of the train, current delay of the train and other available information.

Q. What is an Offline Train Status? How does it work?

A: Offline train status helps to spot your train and ETA for forthcoming station even if the internet connection is not available. To solve any connectivity problems while travelling, ixigo has introduced an awesome feature called offline train running status on its trains app. So, if you have doubts like, Where is my train? Then you will be glad to know that in a few clicks, you will be able to view the live location of your train. This amazing feature will help you to find your train and all the other relevant information.

Q. Which date should I select while checking Train Running Status?

A: You should select the date at which train has departed from its source station. For Example - If your scheduled date of journey is today but your train has departed yesterday from its source station, then you should select yesterday's date to check the current location of the train.

Q. How can I check if my train is rescheduled?

A: On the ixigo trains app, passengers get information about the live running status of the train. This includes the exact location and newest information about any train.

Q. What is the coach position of a train?

A: Coach position of train means the exact coach position at a railway station. Use ixigo trains app to find the current position of your coach. For example, if the coach position number is 9, it means that it is the 9th coach starting from the engine.

Q. How to Check ETA of the train?

A: To check the estimated time of arrival (ETA), use the ixigo trains app. Simply enter the five-digit train number or the name of the train and select the date to find the ETA. It will display the arrival or departure time of your train from where you have board the train.

Q. What is the train enquiry number for Railways?

A: 139 is the train enquiry number for Railways. People can get information about the trains from any part of the country through this number.

Q. What is the meaning of train number?

A: A train number comprises of 5 digits and all of those digits do have some significance.The first digit of the train number indicates the type of train, such as ;
  • 0 (0XXXX): Special trains
  • 1 or 2 (1XXXX or 2XXXX): Superfast or Express Long distance trains
  • 3 (3XXXX): Kolkata Suburban Railway
  • 4 (4XXXX): Other suburban trains
  • 5 (5XXXX): Passenger trains with conventional coaches
  • 6 (6XXXX): MEMU service
  • 7 (7XXXX): Diesel Railcars
  • 8 (8XXXX): Suvidha Express
  • 9 (9XXXX): Mumbai Suburban Railway
Second and third digit indicates the railway from the train is being maintained and the fourth is a random number to make the train number unique

Q. How do you find out if trains are running?

A: There are various ways to check whether trains are running or not. You could go on the official website of CRIS (Centre for Railway Information Systems)/National Train Enquiry System page and check. You can also enter ixigo website to check your live train running status.

Q. Which train is running after lockdown?

A: COVID Special trains introduced by Indian Railways are running during lockdown. The train number of these trains starts with "0". Regular trains were shutdown due to COVID-19 pandemic since 25th Mar'20. Railway Ministry has updated on 12th Aug'20 that regular trains will be suspended till further notice because of the growing pandemic situation in India.

Q. How many trains are running in India?

A: 13,452 trains are there being managed by Indian Railways which covers almost 1,23,236 kms carrying 23 million travellers and 3 million tonnes (MT) of freight daily from 7,349 stations.

About NTES (National Train Enquiry System)

  1. Check the train schedule for a particular date using Train Schedule tab. Simply enter the train number and the date of journey.
  2. At first, look for trains which have been rescheduled within the last 48 hours. Use the Rescheduled tab for the same
  3. Trains get diverted in case the route or railway track is faulty. Use the Diverted tab to see all the recently diverted trains and from which stations they were diverted.
  4. Use the Trains Cancelled to see for cancellations due to bad weather, unfavourable conditions, etc.
  5. Check the train running between two stations.
  6. Check all the details related to the train such as passing/leaving from a particular station within 2-8 hours. Use the NTES Live Station feature to receive the live updates of your train.

The live train tracking is very useful as it tells you the current location of the train. For this obvious reason, the availability of NTES train enquiry is highly beneficial as it helps to plan your travel better.

Nowadays, it is possible for you to check the current train status with departure and arrival timings, coach position, current location, etc.