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Check Train Running Status

Why Check Train Running Status Online with ixigo?

IRCTC Authorised Partner

Official IRCTC Partner for train ticket booking
Most Accurate & Live Train Running Status

Most Accurate & Live Train Running Status

Want to check train status? ixigo provides the most accurate and real-time status, offering passengers up-to-date information for a seamless travel experience.

Get Instant Updates on Train Delays

Get Instant Updates on Train Delays

Stay updated, save time and perform train tracking live with ixigo. Receive instant updates on train delays and ensure to be on-time.

Get Delay Prediction of Upcoming Stations

Get Delay Prediction of Upcoming Stations

Want to check your live train status? ixigo offers a unique feature that predicts delays at upcoming stations, helping passengers to plan their travel effectively.

Check Train Location without Internet

Check Train Location without Internet

ixigo enables users to track train locations without an internet connection, ensuring uninterrupted access to real-time information.

IRCTC Live Train Running Status

IRCTC Live Train Running Status is a system created by the Indian Railways that allows passengers to easily track their train's exact location, making it a convenient method to locate your train.

To spot your train, you simply have to enter the five-digit train number or the name of the train in the 'Train Running Status’ form. Select the date of journey from the source railway station. This will display the arrival and departure time of your train for your boarding railway station. Get additional details on Indian railways trains like info on real-time delays, boarding platform number, and last-reported location.

How To Check Train Running Status?

ixigo offers a seamless way to track the live running status of Indian Railways trains online. With precise GPS tracking, passengers can access real-time information on the train's location, estimated arrival and departure times, anticipated delays, and likely platform numbers, ensuring travellers stay well-informed throughout their journey.

Here are the steps:

  • Download the ixigo app
  • Open and tap on Running Status and enter IRCTC Train Number/Train Name
  • Click on Search for your IRCTC Train Status
  • You will now see your train's live location

You can also check the running status on the home screen of the ixigo trains app. Simply tap on Running Status to get started.

Things to Know Before Checking Train Running Status Online

To track IRCTC Train Running Status, passengers need to have the below mandatory details:

  • Date of Journey (DOJ): This can be found on the ticket or in the text message received after booking. This date is when the passenger should board the train.
  • Train Number and Name: This is a unique five-digit number assigned to each train.
  • Source and Destination Station Names: The passenger must know about the source and destination station names. A source station is where the train begins its journey, while the destination station is its final stop.

Where is My Train - Spot Your Train Online

If you ever find yourself asking, "Where is my train?", ixigo has you covered. With its live train tracker, you can easily track IRCTC train status and locate your train.

Below are the additional information, you get to know:

  • Total distance (in km) to be covered by the train from origin to destination.
  • Platform numbers for boarding at each station.
  • Estimated arrival/departure times at all stations, plus any delays.
  • The total number of scheduled halts, and the duration of each.
  • The distance (in km) between each scheduled halt.
  • All intermediate stations to be crossed without any halts.

Train live running status is a system created by the Indian Railways to track the exact location of a passenger train.

Train Running Status on Mobile App:

  • Check Live Train Status on your mobile
  • Get flat ?50 ixigo money on checking Indian Railways Running Status on ixigo trains app
  • Share your live train status with other people on WhatsApp or SMS or any other social media platform.

This is made possible by the National Train Enquiry System, which accomplishes train tracking live and shares their data with websites, helplines, mobile apps, railway enquiry counters and display boards at stations.

Next time when you do train ticket booking (or tatkal ticket booking), use ixigo money to save on tickets.
Once you have checked the current running status of your train, you can also make a PNR status enquiry. On ixigo, you can also check seat availability in your train.

NTES (National Train Enquiry System)

What is NTES?

NTES stands for National Train Enquiry System. Managed by the Indian Railways, it is a system to help travellers get real-time information about train schedules. It includes features like Spot your Train, Live Station, Train Schedule, Cancelled Trains, Rescheduled Trains, Diverted trains, and Trains between Stations. Know more here.

Live train tracker is extremely useful as it provides the real-time location of a train. Here are the different ways you can use this system:

  1. Check the train schedule for a selected date using the Train Schedule tab.
  2. Use Exceptional Trains > Rescheduled Trains to know of changes in timings or dates.
  3. Go to Exceptional Trains > Diverted Trains to know of recent diversions.
  4. Try Exceptional Trains > Cancelled Trains to know of any terminated trips.
  5. Visit the Train Between Stations tab to know all the operational trains between two stations. You can filter using 25 train types.
  6. Tap on the Live Station tab to check all the trains going from one station to another within the next 2-8 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is Live Train Running Status?

A: Live Train Running Status is a tool created by the Indian Railways that tracks the current location of a train. Using this tool and data from mobile carriers, ixigo offers the fastest way to find your train in real-time. It also shares the expected arrival and departure times, the platform number for boarding, and the upcoming stations on a train’s route.

Q. How does running status work?

A: A GPS-aided device is installed on the locomotive that pushes/pulls the train. When the locomotive leaves its source station, the device tracks this departure and collects data on all the upcoming stations the train will travel to. This is how we are able to know the current location, speed, and any delays on a train journey.

Q. How do I know Where is my train?

A: To check the current running status of your train and know where is your train, download the ixigo trains app and make use of the ‘Running Status’ feature. Enter your train’s name or number and know the live status of your train.

Q. How do I know where is my train now through SMS?

A: To know where is my train live status now through SMS, send an SMS through your personal mobile phone with the following text: SPOT 'Train Number' or LOCATE 'Train Number' to 139.

Q. Which date should I select while checking train live running status?

A: You should select the date on which the train departed from its source station. For example, if your scheduled date of journey is today, but your train left the source station yesterday, then you should select yesterday's date to accurately track the train.

Q. How can I check if my train is rescheduled?

A: To know if your train has been rescheduled or not, please search for your train name and number on ixigo's website or app. Passengers can immediately get this information about the train running status of their train. This information includes the exact location and newest information about any train.

Q. What is the coach position of a train?

A: A train’s coach position refers to its location relative to the engine. For example, if the coach position number is 9, it means that it is the 9th coach starting from the engine. Use the ixigo trains app to find the current position of your coach.

Q. How do I check the ETA of a train?

A: To check the estimated time of arrival (ETA), use the ixigo trains app. Go to ‘Running Status’ on the homescreen, and simply enter the five-digit train number or the name of the train. Then, select the date of journey from the source station. This will display the arrival and departure time of your train for your boarding station.

Q. What is the IRCTC train enquiry number for Railways?

A: 139 is the IRCTC train enquiry number for the Indian Railways. It is an integrated helpline known as Rail Madad that provides train information to callers from any part of the country.

Q. How do you find out if trains are running?

A: There are various ways to check if trains are running. You can use the official website of the National Train Enquiry System for this purpose. You can also visit the ixigo website or the ixigo trains app to check current running status of your train.
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