How to Cancel Flight Tickets and Get Full Refunds?

Air travel is popular for all the right reasons: quick, convenient and provides loads of options to kill time. This is why even though it is more expensive than other modes of transportation, it’s highly sought-after. 

While booking a seat on a plane is easy, not all travellers know how to cancel flight tickets. This lack of knowledge can lead to hefty cancellation fees and other charges levied by airlines. 

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Simply put, flight operators make it difficult for passengers to cancel their tickets because most often, the cancellation results in the seat going empty. This does not, however, mean that flyers are doomed to pay air ticket cancellation charges. There are ways by which they can avoid the high charges while cancelling their tickets. In this article, we will cover all this necessary information so that you can have the best flight ticket booking experience. 

How to Cancel Flight Tickets

Regardless of whether or not your booking is refundable, knowing how to cancel flight tickets is important. Should the situation arise for you to cancel your booking, here’s how you can cancel your flight ticket: 

  1. Go to your airline’s website and then head to the Manage Booking section. 
  2. Enter the PNR/Booking Reference number and the last name of the passenger for whom the cancellation is to be done. 
  3. To complete the flight ticket cancellation process, select the Modify/Cancel option. 
  4. Read the cancellation terms and conditions, and proceed accordingly. 

How to Book Refundable Flight Tickets

The easiest way to avoid cancellation charges is to book refundable flight tickets. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to book refundable flight tickets:

  1. Log on to the ixigo website or app.
  2. Enter the origin, the destination and the date of departure.
  3. Hit the Search button.
  4. In the Filter pane, select “Refundable”. You’ll now be able to view refundable flight options.

It should be noted that every airline has different flight ticket cancellation policies. Passengers should, therefore, check their carrier’s website and understand the terms and conditions for cancelling their ticket. Another noteworthy thing is that refundable air tickets are significantly more expensive than non-refundable ones.

Can I Get a Full Refund on Flight Cancellation? 

The short answer is, yes! As per a charter by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, flyers can cancel their tickets within 24 hours of booking. The airlines can, however, levy flight cancellation charges if the tickets are booked less than seven days before the scheduled departure time of the flight. 

Does this mean that you’re in a pickle? Not at all! 

If you book your flight ticket on the ixigo app or website, you can avail a full refund without any air ticket cancellation charges

Here is how you can avoid the heavy fees: 

  1. Log on to the ixigo website or app. 
  2. Enter the origin, the destination, the date of departure and the preferred travel class. 
  3. Hit the Search button. 
  4. Select the flight that best suits you. 
  5. To avoid flight ticket cancellation charges imposed by the airlines, choose the ixigo Assured fare on the Select Fare screen. 
  6. Enter the passenger details and complete the booking. 
  7. You’ll receive a confirmation and the itinerary details on your registered email address soon. 

How to Claim a Refund with ixigo Assured

Regardless of whether or not you have refundable flight tickets, you can get a full and instant refund with ixigo Assured. 

Here is an overview of the timelines: 

  • If the booking was made between 10 and 26 hours, it should be cancelled 8 hours prior to the flight departure time to avail your flight ticket cancellation refund
  • If the booking was made between 26 hours and 91 days, it should be cancelled 24 hours prior to the flight departure time.

What information do I need to submit? 

To avail a full refund with ixigo Assured, you do not need to submit any documentation. Yes, you read that right! So, if you’ve been stressing over how to get full refund on flight cancellation, you can bid adieu to all such worries. Your booking ID will be considered as a reference and the refund will be automatically initiated.

What if my plans change and I need to modify my booking? 

So far, we have explained the process of how to cancel flight tickets and get a refund. But what if you don’t wish to cancel and instead just want to modify your booking. Is that possible? YES, it absolutely is with ixigo Flex.  

By opting the Flex feature, you can enjoy a free and instant rescheduling on domestic air travel and avail flexible flight tickets. Here is how you can opt ixigo Flex: 

  • Log on to the ixigo website or app. 
  • Enter the origin, the destination and the date of departure. 
  • Hit the Search button. 
  • Select the flight that best suits you. 
  • Choose the ixigo Flex fare on the Select Fare screen. 

So, whether you’re looking for free cancellation flights or flexibility on your domestic air travel, you can enjoy both on the ixigo app or website. 

With Flex, you can avail one free change of date, sector and airline. You will pay only the fare difference and get a refund if the new fare is lower. 

Worrying about flight ticket cancellation charges will be a thing of the past with ixigo Assured. Not only this, you can also enjoy 24×7 premium customer support and vouchers from a plethora of brands. And last but not the least, there is no upper limit on the refund amount. So, the next time you make a booking on ixigo, you’ll not need to worry about how to cancel flight tickets. Pretty cool, right?

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