Piyush Goyal Issues Warning to Railway Officials! Know the reason

Frustrated by train delays? There are high chances that these delays might reduce as any deviation from the scheduled time will cost railway officials their promotions. Railway minister, Piyush Goyal has warned the zonal heads of railways that any delays in train services will largely affect their promotions. He further added that the heads have a month to work on improving the punctuality.

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Railway minister lashed out at zonal general managers saying that the pretext of maintenance work can’t be taken as a reason to explain train delays. During the meeting, every zonal head was individually asked to explain the poor punctuality figures. In 2017-18, it was reported that at least 30% trains were running late, even during the holiday season.

Piyush Goyal has given one month to monitor the progress. If he doesn’t see any improvement, the respective GMs will not be considered for promotion. He also said that their performance ratings will depend on the improvement seen on the delay list. The lower the improvement, the worse the appraisal.