Railway Updates of the Week

DECEMBER 26, 2017: Railways to Accept Penalty or Additional Fare Through Credit And Debit Cards

With the advancing Cashless India Movement, India is in the process of becoming a complete digitised economy. While the Government is trying to embed cashless transactions in every sector possible, the Indian Railways has joined the initiative, establishing the option of using debit and credit cards for paying penalties or any other additional fares. Read more..

DECEMBER 27, 2017: New Infrared and Laser Ray technologies to beat Winter Fog

Those travelling by train this winter won’t have to fear the fog anymore. For the first time, Indian Railways is set to introduce a device that will allow trains to run at more than 100 km per hour in dense fog without compromising on safety. Trials of the device, which is named ‘Trinetra’ (third eye), have been completed and authorities have been given the nod to install it in passenger trains. Click to read more

DECEMBER 28, 2017: 26 trains delayed and 19 cancelled due to poor visibility in North India

After a blanket of fog covered many parts of North India, train services got severely affected. About 26 Delhi-bound trains are running late than their scheduled time and around 19 trains are cancelled. Due to low visibility, 7 trains have been rescheduled. The government on Wednesday informed the Parliament that approximately 3,000 trains were delayed from 1st November to 21st December due to fog. Read more..

DECEMBER 29, 2017: Six coaches of Manduadih Express derail at New Delhi Railway Station

On late Thursday night, at least six coaches of Manduadih Express train derailed at New Delhi Railway station. Although, there are no casualties or injuries reported as yet. his incident took place around 10.30pm when the train departed from the New Delhi railway station. The train had still not completely left the platform when the last six coaches got off track. This incident created a lot of chaos with panicked and restless passengers. Click to read more..