Railways to Launch Vande Bharat Sleeper Train Between Secunderabad and Pune

The Indian Railways plans to introduce Vande Bharat sleeper trains this year. These new trains are expected to offer additional amenities for passengers and may include a service between Secunderabad and Pune.

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The planned Vande Bharat sleeper trains will significantly enhance long-distance travel, comfort, and speed.

These modern sleeper trains will feature amenities such as sensor-based lighting, improved soundproofing, intercommunicating automatic doors, and small pantries in each coach.

Additionally, they will include wheelchair-accessible sleepers, comfortable bunk beds, and bathrooms equipped with anti-spill washbasins and odor control systems.

The new sleeper train service in Secunderabad is part of a larger plan to modernize and increase the Vande Bharat fleet, providing long-distance travellers with a more pleasant and effective mode of transportation.

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