Real Places That Come Straight Out Of Fairy Tales

If you have always wanted to be in Cindrella’s shoes, quite literally, but have not found a godmother, this one is for you. A look at some of the most fascinating fairy tale places in the real world, in our world. Places so fascinating and surreal that you can weave your own fairy tale here. Check out the best that our world has to offer. 


St Basil’s Cathedral, Russia – This one might house Harry Potter’s Honeydukes!


Glowworm Caves, New Zealand – This is where the stars twinkle 🙂


Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany – Where the fairies descend!

Photo Courtesy – Wiki Commons

Bavaria National Park – Where Snow White must have met the Seven Dwarves.

Photo Courtesy – mymodernmet

Longwangtang Cherry Blossom Park, China – Where you’ll have a Midsummers’ Night Dream! 

Photo Courtesy – Wiki Commons

Yakushima Islands & Jungle, Japan – This must be where CS Lewis wrote the Chronicles of Narnia!


Taj Mahal, India – This is probably where Jasmine Met Aladdin!


Phraya Nakhon Cave, Thailand – This might be one of Sindbad’s hidden treasures


Petra, Jordan – Looks like a city turned to ruins by fairies

Photo Courtesy – Paul Mannix

Mont Saint-Michel, France – Seems like the castle in which Snow White was jailed by the evil queen!


Sintra, Portugal – Sintra is where the Daisies dance with the Tulips. 


Liechtensteinthe country that is so tiny that it can be Lilliput of Gulliver’s tales.

Photo Courtesy – Wiki Commons

Hobbiton, New Zealand – And, of course, the Lord of the Rings

Photo Courtesy – Wiki Commons

Vaadhoo Island’s Sea of Stars, Maldives – Rapunzel’s fantasy gone topsy-turvy!

Photo Courtesy –

Tree Tunnel, Halnaker, England – Alice might have landed in this wonderland!

Is this where Hansel and Gretel got lost?! Photo Courtesy – Cloud Front

Colmar, France – seems like the town where Cindrella came for the dance.

Photo Courtesy – Dobromir Sokolov

Wisteria Tunnel, Japan – Straight out of the Enchanted Forest

Photo Courtesy –

Bled Island, Slovenia – the castle where Rapunzel dreamed of the stars.

Photo Courtesy – Wiki Commons

Valley of Flowers, India – the enchanted gardens of Rivendell

Photo Courtesy – Wiki Commons

Antelope Canyons, Arizona  – the chocolate factory of Willy Wonka!

Photo Courtesy – Gautam Dogra

Lapland (in winters), Finland – Where the giants slept in Narnia

Photo Courtesy – Wiki Commons

Bigar Waterfall, Romania – the waterfall inside Willy Wonka’s! Isn’t it!

Photo Courtesy – Wiki Commons

Crooked Forest, Poland – Looks like the Forest of Fangorn! LOTR Fans Alert!

Photo Courtesy – postsidasogno


As I leave you in this world of fairies, gnomes, pixies and little devils, do let me know if I missed something here in this list of fairy tale places in real world. Leave a comment below and see your entry here in a jiffy. Magic, as I call it.


Till then, happy travelling.


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