Rome: What Not To Miss!

When in Rome, the top five places not to miss are:


THE PANTHEON: Built around 120 BC, the Pantheon was originally dedicated to major Roman gods by Emperor Hadrian. In the 600s, it was consecrated as a church.


The Pantheon (Photo by Wildretina)

THE COLOSSEUM: Commissioned by Emperor Vespasian in the 700s, the Colosseum was originally used as a sports complex where gladiators fought.


The Colosseum (Photo by Photographerglen)

ST. PETER’S: Over 2,000 years of Roman and Christian history are represented and found in the history of St. Peter’s. It is the papal seat and the centre of the Catholic Church.


St. Peter’s (Photo by Pet_r)


PIAZZA NAVONA: Built in the 1st century BC, the Piazza Navona sits upon the ruins of the ancient Circus Domitianus. The ancient Romans came here to watch the agones (“games”), and hence it was known as ‘Circus Agonalis’ (competition arena).


Piazza Navona (Photo by David Hamster)

TREVI FOUNTAIN: It is among the most stunning fountains in the world with beautiful Baroque architecture.

Trevi Fountain (Photo by the Pix Jockey)

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By Sonia Wigh


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