Say NO-NO to these items at the airport!

We just entered a grand new year and you have already started preparing for holidays. Isn’t it? From breathtaking mountainous regions, exotic beaches to stunning getaways, more than likely, you will book a flight to reach any of these destination. But remember flying comfortably does not mean that you will empty your pockets by indulging in useless shopping. Opt for online or retail stores to save some bucks, as we all know that fair pricing is a rare thing in any airport.

We understand that when a flight is delayed for several hours, the temptation to shop strikes in. Thinking which items to avoid? Well, don’t worry! We are here to help you save your precious time by identifying 8 items you should never buy at the airport. Remember, your money is incredibly precious so spend it very wisely. You can thank us later!



Don’t Buy:

Instead Do This: Although many airports offers free Wi-Fi, but majority of them do not. So don’t fall in the trap and purchase Wi-Fi. Instead, find a coffee shop or sit near any elite flyers lounge, which usually offers free Wi-Fi, that is not protected by the password.


Don’t Buy:
Bottled Water

Instead Do This: As bottled water is insanely overpriced at an airport you can purchase a reusable water bottle. Empty the bottle before you are ready to go through the security checkpoint. Once you are done with the checking, refill it at a water fountain. Here you go, we saved your money!


Don’t Buy:

Instead Do This: If possible, plan ahead and do all your shopping before you reach the airport. Avoid buying any souvenirs or gifts from shops, which are inside the airport. Often the shops are overpriced, instead get a souvenir from a local store.



Don’t Buy:
Neck Pillow

Instead Do This: If you want some peaceful sleep inside the flight, do get your neck pillow before your trip to the airport. It is one of the most expensive items sold inside the airport.


Don’t Buy:
Duty-Free Merchandise

Instead Do This: Who doesn’t love shopping? But when it comes to duty-free merchandise, don’t just start buying. Keep calm and do some research beforehand. Some luxury items at the airport are high-priced, these items can be easily purchased online at a less cost.


Don’t Buy:
Foreign Currency

Instead Do This: As the transaction fees for currency exchange is outrageously high at airports, it is surely not an ideal place to exchange your money. The best strategy is to withdraw cash from atm; they are likely to charge you less as compared to the sky-high fees at airports.


Don’t Buy:
Restaurant Meals

Instead Do This: When food surrounds you, we know it’s hard to resist them. The craving to munch something can make you buy food from the overpriced shops inside the airport. Try to buy snacks before you are heading to the airport; this will save you some extra cash for sure!


Don’t Buy:
Airport Car Rentals

Instead Do This: Renting a car from a car rental shop inside an airport can be very pricey. For an easy and cheap way out, try downloading any cab app of the location you are traveling to, and there you go! Save money and travel economically.



So while you get ready to fly in the air, try resisting these 8 items you should never buy at the airport. No matter how bored you are, we trust you that you can avoid overspending!

Happy travels!