Thailand Reopens for Vaccinated Tourists from Over 60 Countries Including India

THIS IS NOT A DRILL! After months and months of COVID restrictions, Thailand, one of Asia’s most popular travel destinations, has started welcoming tourists under two new schemes.

And since Phi Phi’s clear waters, Bangkok’s nightlife, Phuket’s local markets and BUCKET LOADS of other attractions have waited for you long enough, let us quickly tell you about the new travel guidelines for Thailand so you can sort your documents and get ready for the good part!

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Here we go:

Visa Regulations

Fully-vaccinated tourists are being welcomed in Thailand via two entry schemes: the ‘TEST & GO’ scheme and the ‘Blue Zone’ scheme. Deep breaths, reader. We’re going to simplify them for you!

TEST & GO scheme:

In order to travel under this scheme, you must have stayed for 21 days or more in one of the 63 approved countries, which includes India (list below). Returning Thais and foreign residents, who previously travelled from Thailand, are exempt from this requirement.

Thailand list

The ‘Blue Zone’ Scheme

Under this scheme, you can arrive in Thailand by air from any country in the world BUT for the first seven nights, you’ll have to stay within one of 17 ‘Blue Zone Sandbox’ destinations (list below) if you’re planning to continue the journey to other destinations in Thailand:


There’s also a ‘Happy Quarantine’ scheme, for providing entry to partially vaccinated or unvaccinated travellers from any country in the world. 

Testing Requirements

For fully vaccinated travellers arriving under the ‘TEST & GO’ scheme and the ‘Blue Zone’ scheme, the following conditions must be met:

  • All travellers must hold a negative RT-PCR test report issued not more than 72 hours before departure.
  • All travellers must also undergo 2 self-paid tests: an on-arrival RT-PCR test (carry a payment confirmation for the same before travelling) and a self-administered Antigen test on day 6-7.
  • All fully vaccinated travellers must have taken their last dose at least 14 days before travelling. They must present their vaccination certificate that includes nationality, passport number, passenger name and vaccine details (vaccination dates, vaccine manufacturer and lot/batch number, authorised organisation). Currently, Covishield and Sputnik V are in the list of approved vaccines.

Other Requirements

  • Register for a Thailand Pass here and receive a QR code before travelling. Travellers must upload any required documents (including valid visa/re-entry permit) and allow 3-5 working days for the approval process.
  • All travellers must carry an insurance policy with coverage no less than US $50,000.
  • On arrival, all travellers must install the MorChana mobile application at the hotel.

Quarantine rules

  • All travellers under the ‘TEST & GO’ scheme must undergo a one-night stay at an SHA+, AQ, OQ, or AHQ accommodation or till they receive a negative RT PCR result, and carry a payment confirmation for the same.
  • All travellers under the ‘Blue Zone’ scheme must restrict their travel for seven days in the ‘Blue Zone Sandbox’ destinations. Additionally, they must hold a confirmation of reservation of seven days at an SHA+ accommodation.

An SHA what now? Here’s more information on the types of accommodation.

Here are the official links containing any and all extra information on the TEST & GO scheme and the ‘Blue Zone’ scheme.

Please note that travel guidelines are dynamic, and can change at any time. So we’ll advise you to reconfirm the same with your respective airlines before planning your trip.

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