10 chocolates to have before you die

Whether it is a happy occasion, or a blue day one thing remains true for all of us – it is incomplete without the goodness of chocoloate! White, Milk or Dark, which ever way you like yours, if you are a true choco-holic, you simply cannot miss out on tasting the 10 best chocolates in the world. Here is a list of where they come from:


1. Cologne, Germany


Once the Chocolate Capital of the world, Cologne is known for the brand  Stollwerck Chocolate that’s produced here. The Imhoff Stollwerck museum here, also commands a visit from the chocolate lover!


Photo Credits: Norbert Angermannn


2. Hershey, Pennsylvania


Hershey’s is one name every chocoholic has come to love. Could there be a better way to experience it than straight out from the factory? We doubt!


Photo Credits: Evan-Amos


3. New York, USA


The cultural cauldron New York is, the skilled chocolate makers here come from all over the world! The city is known for it’s yummylicious, calorie rich Chocolate Tours. When here, don’t miss out on it!


Photo Credits: Chocolate Bar, Official Facebook Page


4.  Tain L’Hermitage, France


Home to the world’s famous chocolate producer,  Valrhona, this small town in France also has many renowned Chocolate Chef training schools  – in case you just can’t have enough of the chocolate and want to make it at home!




1049179_395013830609344_2040108751_oPhoto Credits: Valrhona Chocolate, Official Facebook Page


5. Villajoyosa, Spain


We have a strong belief that this place has ‘joy’ in the middle of its name because when you can produce chocolate that is so good, you will never have a reason to be sad! When here, look out for Valour Chocolates, or try some chocolate dipped Churros!


Photo Credits : Toni Kaarttinen


6. Oaxaca, Mexico


It is believed that ancient Mexico was the on to introduce the luscious goodness of Chocolate to the world, and they continue to manufacture the best in the world. If you’re planning to visit this city, do stop by at Guelaguetza, Moyordomo and La Soledad.


Photo Credits: Mayordomo, Official Website


7. Barcelona, Spain


Considered among the world’s best chocolate makers, Barcelona’s claim to fame is also the world’s first fine chocolate making machine! Chocolate a la Taza and Chocolates Amatller are two kinds of chocolate you must try here.


Photo Credits: Chocolates Amatller, Official Website


8. San Francisco, California


Few other places in the world get Gourmet chocolate right like the city of San Franciso does. Home to multiple world renowned chocolatiers, this place is going to confound you with choice!




By Benson Kua

9. Zurich, Switzerland


One place that can probably be called the mecca of Chocolate lovers is Zurich, Switzerland. From the best of Lindt to Frey, you can find it all at every store you go here!


Photo Credits: Tammy Green


10. Brussels, Belgium


Sometimes, there are things words fail to do justice to. So, we’re gonna let the numbers do the talking. Brussles alone can boast of over 2k chocolate shops, around 16 museums dedicated to the art of chocolate making, and about 12 factories making the best chocolate in the world. Capiche?


Photo Credits: Mary Lee Hahn


We hope you enjoyed this read as much as you will enjoy the chocolate you’re about to indulge in!