New Rules To Take Off Soon!

Happiness is expecting the unexpected, happiness is good news!

You will be relieved to know that airlines won’t deduct an additional amount for processing refunds anymore, and it would only deduct the basic fare and the fuel surcharge as the cancellation charges, starting August 1.

Airlines will now have to be upfront with the amount of refund that will be admissible on cancellation of the ticket and there would be no room for any ambiguity as per the new rules apprised by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). Moreover, under no circumstance, shall the airline levy a cancellation fee more than the basic fare plus fuel surcharge. Sounds great, isn’t it?

This also means that you can plan your travel without worrying much.

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He further added that the provision shall be applicable on all the offered fares, including special/promos fare, where the basic fare is not refunded.

The Civil Aviation Ministry was the first to propose theses changes in June. However, these rules will come into effect from August 1.

You’ll be glad to know that carriers would be required to notify the exact refund amount whenever a ticket gets cancelled, so that transparency is maintained between the carrier and the passenger. Even the amount and break-up may be notified separately, using a form or on the ticket itself. Both the policy and the refund amount will be displayed on the website of the airlines.

Passengers would be able to choose whether to keep the refund money in the airline’s shell or not. As per the new rule, the airline shall not levy any additional charge for correction in the name of the same person, when an error in his name spelling is pointed out by the passenger to the airline after the ticket is booked.

In case a passenger has booked tickets through a travel portal or an agent, the airline would be responsible for refunding the amount. Moreover, the airline’s responsibility would be to complete the process of refund within 30 working days. Presently, the process of refund is left to the travel agent and the passenger, in case a ticket is purchased from the travel agent.