The Great South Indian ‘Karwaan’ – Roam, Wander and Explore!

Wherever you go in South India, you’ll bump into places of breathtaking beauty.

ixigo has partnered with the movie ‘Karwaan’ that takes audiences on a road trip through South India’s most picturesque places.

The sceneries of South India are magnificently captured in the film as it unveils some of the most scenic, romantic and simply stunning locations of the region.

The spectacular landscape of the region is framed by rolling hills, wondrous waterfalls, spice gardens, tea plantations, breathtaking beaches and backwaters, and magnificent temples.

Basically, South India is a diverse and delightful treasure trove waiting to be explored some more!

The Himalayas are majestic, but they are not the only mountain range in the country. The Eastern and the Western Ghats make for equally idyllic getaways.

Some of the tourist favourite hill stations down south are Ooty, Coorg, Kodaikanal and Munnar. Others like Puducherry, Coimbatore and Kochi are known more for their rustic charms, teeming markets and stunning beaches.

And then there’s the sumptuous South Indian cuisine. It is almost impossible to resist the many mouthwatering dishes – from the papery dosas and fluffy idlis to crispy vadas.

The movie ”Karwaan” will surely make you want to gather all your friends and set off on a road trip to South India, where all routes lead to picturesque sights and guarantee an extraordinary experience.