The Reason Of Bihar’s Happiness!

Happiness is inauguration of India’s first happy junction

Be happy and scroll down to know more 😛

Taking a cue from Bhutan’s happiness index or Gross National Happiness (GNH) as we all know it (hard to believe, we know!), India decided to have a “Happiness Junction” for passengers.

Even though for a little while, it is definitely going to ease your tension. The initiative by Indian Railways aims at making passengers not only happy but helping them utilise their time productively along with performing charity during their brief stopover.

How will the Happy Junction make you happier?

Well, the station will have the following facilities:

  • Television
  • Book Cafe
  • Recreational Centre
  • Kids Zone
  • Newspaper Stall, and
  • Goodwill Wall

According to Dileep Kumar, Senior Divisional Commercial Manager (the project is his brainchild), “We are providing all reading materials as well entertainment facilities to the passengers to keep them engaged in a variety of entertaining games, quiz contests and other charity works”.

What’s so special about the Goodwill Wall?

This special feature provides the passengers with an opportunity to contribute for the needy. One can leave water bottles, old clothes, towels, bags and other things which are useless for you. It’s a wall that motivates you to donate something so you can help people.

“In that way, everyone could get a share of happiness in life by way of charity as it will bring colours in the life of the needy,” Kumar explained. “People who have many useless things with them will quietly donate and the needy will have the chance to quietly take things which they really require,” he added.

Some passengers have even suggested for basic medical facilities so the sick can be given immediate medical aid in case of any emergency.