This Is Why You Cannot Resist A Trip To Kerala!

You cannot skip a visit to Kerala, as this Indian state is where you enter a time warp. Life is surprisingly slow in this coastal state, with so much yet nothing to do. Hop on a houseboat, traverse across the backwaters and watch life at its most idyllic pace. Let your camera have a date with the elephants at the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. Or, bask in the hippie glory of Varkala.


Take this trip if you have always wondered what makes Kerala a must visit in India. And if you still need some inspiration, here’s why you cannot resist a trip to Kerala.


Kerala’s backwaters are where you put your fast life on a pause, entering a time warp.

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Kerala’s most loved bakcwaters – Alleppey and Kovalam are Kerala’s most loved backwaters hub.


Bumping into these gentle giants will make you feel like the new Bear Grylls of Man Vs Wild!

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Kerala’s elephant havens – Thekkady and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary are perfect to spend an evening in elephant watching.


In Kerala, K stands for Art! Kalaripayattu or Kathakali?

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Where to watch a Kathakali and/or Kalaripayatuu performance in Kerala? – Kochi has a number of venues for Kathakali performances, while Kalaripayattu (India’s very own martial art) can be seen at Thekkady, Trivandrum and a number of places. 


Shopping List For Kerala Is Long, Quite Long.

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What to shop for in Kerala? – While Kerala is quite famous for its gold jewellery, do not forget to pick some fascinating umbrellas, ittar, spices and handicrafts made out of coconut husk.


Wait, there is more art happening at the Kochi Muziris Biennale.

It’s India’s heaven for vegetarians, and…

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just the place to catch some really fresh catch too!

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And yes, you can’t help but wonder at their fishing skills at Kerala!

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Where in Kerala!  – Kochi and Cherai beaches are quite famous for these decades old yet still working Chinese fishing nets!


Kerala has got some really monumental monuments; like a history book come alive...

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Insight – This one, Bekal Fort is the biggest fort in Kerala and a must visit too.


As well as some really hip hippie places like Varkala!

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And yes, Kerala people are sporty, very sporty if you love boat racing!

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How to see Kerala’s boat races? – You can witness these thrilling rides at the yearly event of Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Alleppey, on the second Saturday of August.


There’s plenty at Kerala to rest your weary soul, Ayurveda for one...

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– Kerala has some really great names when it comes to Ayurveda, but you got to check the credentials first as there are plenty of quacks too!


 And tadi (palm wine) for two!

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With the last one high on my mind, not literally, I’ll leave and pack my bags for Kerala now. As for you, I’m sure you have just fallen for Kerala, all over again. Leave a comment and share your Kerala story with us. Till then, happy travelling.


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