Goa – A 5 Senses Trip

If there is one place that turned out to be immense when it comes to making it just a 5 Senses Trip like Rajasthan or Kerala, it is Goa. A great hit with Indians and foreigners alike, Goa has so much to it that it became almost impossible to fit it into one story. Still, it turned out to be one heck of a story (I think so!)! See if this one blows your senses off!


Did you just let out a sigh for the sites (sights)!

Photo Courtesy – Dominik Hundhammer

When I wrote sigh, I had more in my mind than the buzzing beacheswaterfalls, towering cathedrals, and the wildlife sanctuaries. The attraction/s in Goa are so gallantly strewn around that much of the old Goa looks like a page from the history books. Reminiscent of a time that had the Portuguese sweeping over the region. Look closer and you’ll find some real gems. Straight out of the history books, right?


Did you say trance? 

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India’s trance capital, Goa is always on a buzz. While there are masters of piano, mandolin, violin and the inherent-to-Goa Konkani liturgical music, trance is what Goa is best known for. A more than just happening nightlife makes it a perfect mix. Good enough to get you a high. In strictly literal terms. Did I also write psychedelic? State of trance?


Did you mention your taste buds going on an overdrive? 

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I would know the answer even if you don’t nod your head. With Goan cuisine being a fine mix of the most mouthwatering sea food, the cuisine also has a very different flavour owing to what all the Portuguese introduced (including cashews, potatoes, guavas, pineapples and more). Add to it the Hindu cuisine (that also has gorgeous non vegetarian fare) and Catholic delicacies like the Goan curry. To take this overdrive one notch up, we also have the big, little secret named as feni.


Did you feel the waters touch your soul? 
While you stand, ankle deep, in the swirling blue waters of the Arabian Sea, pick a wave and feel it crashing against your feet. Now, as it retreats, you’ll have sand grains sifting under your feet, taking away grains and a bit more. Leaving you a child, ready to frolick in water with lesser of worldly worries. If this became too imaginative and philosophical for you, head off for a day or more of pampering at one of the many spas at Goa. This place will leave more than just a touch for you, an imprint as we writers call it.


Did you smell the spice?

Photo Courtesy – Nagarjun

One smell that you wouldn’t be able to shake off from yourself is that of sea and, of course, salt. All that sunbathing will leave you in a happy, dizzy mood for long. But the one smell (or call it a mix of many) that will make you fall in love with Goa is that of spices, freshly grown and ground. Yes, I’m talking of the many spice plantations at Goa, specially the ones around Ponda and Panjim. A tour of almost any of these plantations will have you elephant hopping, and taking in the unmistakable, unforgettable whiffs of cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, pepper, cloves, sweet neem, turmeric, ginger and more.


Smells pretty good, doesn’t it?


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