Why you must go trekking in the Himalayas!

Other than your love for the mountains, there are some reasons, unknowing to the commoners that make a person go to the Himalayas. Again and again. The foremost of these reasons being simplicity.


The very endowment of a life that is simple, the Himalayas are perhaps one of the most loved mountain ranges in the whole world. Read further to learn how the Himalayas bring Nirvana, leaving you as simple as human beings are supposed to be!


Mineral Water? What?

Photo Courtesy – Wiki Commons

Because you have deliciously sweet water gurgling in the waterfalls of the Himalayas!


Have trouble focusing? Not You.

Photo Courtesy – Wiki Commons

Because once you have resolved to climb a Himalayan peak, you can beat meditation masters at concentration. You’re at one with the nature then.


Multi-cuisine? What is that!?

Because Dal Chawal is the only huge hit in the Himalayas. If you turn lucky, there might be Maggi too.


There’s no roof.

Photo Courtesy – natureknights

But you will have ample of stars acting as hanging lanterns to add to your mood.


Mornings Are Not About Office.

Photo Courtesy – James Jordan

Because they are about sunrises, calm and at least a 5-10 degree drop in the temperature. You will forget the rush-to-the-office-feeling in the Himalayas.


You Learn to Pass Smiles

Because everybody else in the hills is always smiling, and you end up returning their smiles. Knowingly or unknowingly.


Phones Sound Something Related to Doctor Who.

Because you have zero or almost zero network coverage. You better leave it at home and go for some real connecting.


You Do Not Social Network.

Because you make friends for real. gathering around those merrily cracking bonfires in the Himalayas. A sure sign of a trekkers’ group in the hills if you are yet to spot one.


If reading this still hasn’t made you want to hit a Himalayan trek, I’m not sure what else will! Ask me and I might end up writing another post telling you how full a full moon looks when you are in the Himalayas or how pines make strange music in the Himalayan jungles.


Turning simple and steering clear of the mad city life is just for a good start. For suggestions, queries, likes or dislikes, write a comment below and I’ll revert fast. That, if I’m not trekking somewhere in the Himalayas.


Till then, happy travelling.


About the author

Shikha Gautam loves to play with steering wheels, roads, words, flute and guitar among other things. Not necessarily in that order! You can contact her on twitter @ShikhaGautam