10 Pictures Only 90s Desi Travellers Can Relate To

If you have spent your childhood or even a summer vacation in India, then you know how amazing Indian vacations are. From playing UNO cards with your siblings to waiting for your mother to open that ‘laddu ka dibba’, a 90s kid can relate to it all.

हिंदी में पढ़ें


Here is a throwback to our wonderful childhood memories. Have a look —

The Delicious Homemade Food in Train

Indian vacations were incomplete without homemade food majorly puri and sabzi.


Playing Antakshari with the Family

When every game started with “Baithe Baithe Kya Karein, Kerna hai Kuch Kam”…Yes, travelling back then was all about talking and having fun ‘together’.

Book Trains


Pic Courtesy: Trip Savvy

Standing in a queue to book tickets

Now we can book our tickets with just a click, however earlier, struggling in a long queue would fetch you the privilege of a trip.


The Walkman

The best companion for loners, Walkman was one of the important things to start your packing with.


Photography was an expensive affair

With only 36 precious clicks in a film camera, photography was a luxury back then. With phones filled with 100s of photographs, kids these days can’t understand the excitement of getting clicked.


Searching a Phone Booth

After walking for hours, standing in queues and finally getting a chance to make a call from the booth – how does it sound now?


A Suitcase From The Bygones

Who doesn’t remember that laden and hefty VIP suitcases?


Fight For Window Space

One window and too many people! A never ending battle.

windowseatproject instagram 2-compressed

Pic courtesy: News Minute

If trains remind you of your beautiful childhood, check-out this amazing video and relive those glorious days —

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